Ode To The Master Planner

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During October we will break from the weekly format of our Planning with Purpose Series somewhat on Sunday to allow for a worshipful, meditative or devotional writing.

You can also use the opportunity to catch up on the posts you may have missed for the week.

I have been praying with Moms in Prayer since 2008 and one of the favorite Names of God I’ve discovered through this weekly prayer ministry is God as The Master Planner.  As one who adores her planner, and all things which enthrone planning it is no wonder I like the reminder and affirmation of my Father’s  ultimate authority which is magnified in this attribute/title. .

Today I have a wonderful gift to share that came to me during my Quiet Time with God yesterday.

Initially I titled it “Being with God” as I was doing just that, but then I decided I wanted it to be an ode to the Name which keeps this planner chick in check!

It is both a poem of affirmation, and a snapshot of my morning as I sat cross-legged in my comfy green chair, while the family still slept, Bible and journal in lap.

May your Sunday be blessed as you seek your Master Planner today.


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