Confessions and a Word on Planner Peace




I hear a lot of people talking about finding planner peace. I find this both amusing and alarming. I want to tell you a little secret. Lean in.

Since there is no perfect planner, you’ll find no planner peace.

Nothing this side of eternity is perfect, nothing here will satisfy you always. We are a restless people. Always seeking, never satisfied. We do it with every aspect of our lives. Once we can accept that this dis-contentedness leads us to distraction, we can begin to seek instead to be content and grateful for what is available now and get on with the business of living…and planning. Recognize this: satisfaction is but for a season, seasons change, as do we; as do our needs, and so shall our desires, goals and planner passions.

If you accept that your planner is like partner, able to change,  adapt, be flexible, then you will be free of the need to find something that is elusive anyway.




Color Coding, Creativity and Calendars- Oh My!



I have stated in earlier posts the importance of keeping things simple, however this is a relative expectation. For some it means one thing and others, something entirely different. Recently, I have had an epiphany about my planner style. After exploring and enjoying a bit of overly expressive calendar decorating in my planner, I have come to the conclusion that my goal for my planner is sweet, sane, simplicity. I need functional, reliable, basic layouts, with an emphasis on text not image. I prefer black and white. Or actually off white. Many of my Planner friends have extremely complicated color coding systems, in my opinion. But the fact is, it is not complicated to them. And that is all that matters. I prefer very simple highlighter accents. I have been using a very simple color coding system for a couple of months. I don’t use a lot of post its or stickers, because I realize they distract me. I use them but minimally. So, I am a “minimalist” planner person. I prefer to express my creativity more in my journal, or through other creative endeavors.


Why Some Days Require Pie

photo credit: Deiru via photopin cc

photo credit: Deiru via photopin cc


Aside of your average, run of the mill days that just go down the tubes because of unexpected twists of fate, there are days when you do the plan, but find yourself feeling…well, discouraged because you got sidetracked and for no good reason. It’s one thing when plans are waylaid by circumstances you cannot control and quite another when it is by your own hand, or choice. Days when you get off track, and start to feel frustrated with yourself, will often lead to feeling overwhelmed and discouraged and in need of a scapegoat. Obviously we can’t blame our husbands for everything (grin) so sometimes we mistakenly look to change “something” instead of looking at our own behavior objectively. Before you change those planner pages, buy a new system, living room set, makeover etc. Step back, Take a seat and have some pie! Or at least have a small slice of pie while you try to figure out how to slice up your Life Pie into appropriate portions.


Everybody Wants To Be A Time Lord

photo credit: tankgirlrs via photopin cc

photo credit: tankgirlrs via photopin cc


“What’s a Time Lord?”, girl number one asked wearing a quizzical expression.

“It’s just the most awesome thing ever,” girl number two continues, “This guy who is kind of alien, but also very handsome by human standards, is the last of his species. He can travel through space and time- anywhere in the universe at any point in time! He does this in something called a Tardis, which is basically an old Blue British Police Call Box, from the sixties, but never mind about that. Best of all he likes to kick around Earth frequently, looking for companions for his epic adventures. He is on his own schedule and can go forward or back in time as it suits him, and basically he lives forever.”

That’s more or less what a Time Lord is...he doesn’t have to abide by the rules of time. 


Praying and Living with Joy (@5MFF)



Happy Beautiful Sunday Morning! On Sunday’s during October, and always, actually, we shift our eyes toward the Holy.

How are you liking the Planning with  Purpose series? Is there anything you want me to cover that I have not yet? Please let me know, and I will do my best to address it!

Today I am at 5 Minutes for Faith sharing how you can  plan for  JOY. I’ll start you here, and would you join me there?


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