The Lack

photo credit: Christopher JL via photopin cc
photo credit: Christopher JL via photopin cc

This morning I woke up, went to my desk and penned this poem. Sometimes I feel that calling myself a writer is a half truth.  Because when words come, I sometimes am faithful to make myself available to the tumbling forth…but then does that make me a writer, or a just a word catcher? I am as one who is led, one who avails to that which flows, not one who desires to control the flow of what comes….I just don’t know. But today I give you what came to me. May it be a blessing.

There’s such a lack of love

for the wounded,

and afflicted

in the Body…

I weep with Jesus

and wonder


His sacrifice

is meaningless

to many

who proclaim His name.

Does God cry

tears from heaven

for the lack

of compassion

from those who

shout Hallelujah, while

cursing their brothers and sisters?

I look in the mirror-

see a stranger.

a liar,




How can it be that His trial,


cross hung,

broken body


Does God slam the doors of Heaven to His own?

Does His anger crack open the skies with judgement?

His tears,



in One.

Overflowing mercy

incomprehensible love.

How can we look away from

His despair?

Or shout, “It’s not fair!”

Mercy is not fair.

Was it fair to God to send perfection-




as a gift,

in exchange for our murderous, hateful, earth-clinging hearts?

What is fair?

Who judges?

You in your finite perception or me in my self-centered view?

I see Heaven,

a crimson moon

and hope

in the starry procession.

The way is open.

He has come,

filled in for our lack.

Will we do likewise?


spit in the face

of the Man

who was God-


down from His throne

to make a way

to Heaven for

those He calls His own.

©Dawn Paoletta

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Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

17 thoughts on “The Lack

  1. This is a powerful poem that has great insight and a call to contemplation about how we live out our faith. I struggle with calling myself a writer sometimes too, Dawn, and share the word-catching as it flows. Maybe being faithful to making ourselves “available for the tumbling forth” is a calling in itself. Even if we feel more like scribes writing out His words than original thinkers. There is a beauty in that too. Blessings to you. It’s good to read your beautiful poetic words again. You’ve been missed! 🙂 x

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  2. I am grateful that “mercy is not fair” and “He has come for our lack”…beautiful truth in your lines…thanks for catching them and sharing!


  3. I agree with Bjorn. I also never know where the words come from and if I have to do something artificially it does not work like when I ‘go with the flow’. A very powerful poem.


  4. With all the war and hate news happening, its easy to question and even doubt if His sacrifices were worth it ~ But there’s a bit of goodness in this world, gifts that we take for granted or just don’t acknowledge ~


  5. compassion is such an elusive emotion for so many it seems, and it can be so hard to live in a world where it is lacking. but it is there, hiding sometimes in the most unexpected places.

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  6. i feel the same way when i visit a church and the words of hate are told that the Muslim or Buddhist has no way to GOD..

    Servant.. or Gentile.. Woman.. or Free…
    Gay dude..
    Muslim girl..
    Buddhist man..
    are all friends of Jesus to me…
    Will Yeshua really care about this letter or that
    word assigned to the Lord of the essence of ALL THAT IS..
    AKA GOD..
    i think not..
    but instead a Roman emperor..
    Yes.. his name is Constantine..
    and some early Roman Catholic Priestly Cohorts
    change a man who says the meek will inherit the earth..
    to the King of the Universe…
    i think not that Jesus aka Yeshua..
    will accept this promotion..
    even today..
    and if they know that ‘then’ and ‘now’
    the world will be
    a more TRUE CHRISTIAN Loving place..
    YES.. the much older traditional Christian oral way..
    But the myths that house the truth are still
    necessary to spread the truths that lie within..
    when oral tradition..and some amazing story is necessary
    to keep TRUTH GOING ON STRONG..YES it’s true..
    the myths keep Truth protected and Free…
    But it’s time to shed the myths..
    and instead
    SAME AS US..


    Never mind me..
    just a little over-zealous about the real man
    Jesus aka Yeshua then and now…:)

    i am his student.. but i look for his words..
    further than books…

    and some of it
    is not words
    or letters…

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