On Shark Week and Close Encounters (of the Sharky Kind)

photo credit: candiche via photopin cc

photo credit: candiche via photopin cc



I’ve seen sharks in the ocean, it hasn’t made me get out of the ocean; that’s for sure.

Luke Hemsworth


I am still on my little blog break, but as many of you know I am a fan of Sharks and Shark Week. Although I do not care for all of the Shark Week shenanigans, I do appreciate the efforts of researchers, marine biologists  and many others who share fascinating facts about these amazing, mysterious creatures. As one who is drawn to all of God’s Creation, I can’t help but ponder the diversity, beauty, darkness and brutality that co-exist in our current reality.


My mother asked me recently, “Why do you like Sharks so much? Why not Dolphins?”  Why am I fascinated by Sharks? I find all of Creation to hold aspects and mystery about the Creator Himself  that we have yet to understand and within them lies dormant incomprehensible truth. Why am I fascinated with Sharks? That’s easy…God made them and in them also lies a part of The Creator’s divinity and  power. NO, I don’t worship them, but respect them as part of His ultimate Creation. I also love Dolphins, Mom. I just don’t hate or reject creatures (or people) just because they behave true to their nature (could do a whole post on that).


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