A Renewal Prayer for September (5MFF)

    It is the last day of August and September is upon us! I have been on a blog break and am happy to be back. Although I did share a few times during my break, most of what I have written has not been shared. I look forward to seeing you in the daysContinue reading “A Renewal Prayer for September (5MFF)”

Man Plans

Well, this weekend marks the official end of my Summer blog break. I am gratefully linking up with the gang over at dVerse Poets Pub. I’ve been writing a bit of poetry over the break, and  tonight is Open Link Night, so I had to pick one to share. Some of my favorite writing isContinue reading “Man Plans”

How to Celebrate Turning 50 (and a present for YOU!)

  I have thought about turning 50 since about the age of 46, when my then nine, about to turn ten, year old daughter came home from school and gleefully proclaimed her latest epiphany. Her teacher had informed her that she was about to hit a milestone. That milestone would become mine as well. What grandContinue reading “How to Celebrate Turning 50 (and a present for YOU!)”