Italy or Bust

Attribution: I, Yair Haklai
Attribution: I, Yair Haklai

This is a poem written for the 3rd Anniversary of dVerse Poets Pub which was celebrated at the famed Boboli Gardens…

dVerse  is a beautifully eclectic group of wonderful writers, poets and friends~

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Oh, I so want to go!


Go, you say?

Where is it you want to go Miss Cindy?


I do so want to go

to the ball

at Boboli Gardens

(so NOT the mall)

I mustn’t miss this perfect place

to celebrate, show my face-

with friends from near and far


with gift wrapped words

a sure delight!

Oh, I cannot miss,

must prepare right now-

I shan’t be late

BUT, holy cow!

* * *

It’s getting late,

how will I

prepare myself for this  date?

I’ve cleaned and scrubbed and worked all day,

the day is done,

now I want to play!


Well, I’ll be, MC!

 what’s stopping thee?

Surely you will rock the lawn,

and dance all  night,

yes, you will

straight though ’til dawn..



but, Rodey- I have not a stitch to wear

that would be appropriate there.


Sweet MC, don’t you dare

worry your head

with such temporal cares-

Just show up,

in a sheet of white-

tied at one shoulder-

there we are-

just right!

* *

Now off you go,

and have a ball,

(so much better than the mall)

just be back before first light,

 steer clear the rocky coast tonight,

avoid Sea Monsters if you can-

and drink champagne,

as you please,

while reminiscing


with those poet friends, of yours

wear your glass slippers

yes, you must!

Now be on your way

Italy, or bust!


dVerse Poets Pub is celebrating 3 years of sharing and community!

I let my ADHD rule this post tonight! Um…yeah. That’s it.

Happy Anniversary dVerse!

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Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

16 thoughts on “Italy or Bust

  1. TOGA party!!!! smiles…ha. it would be so fun to be there in person…
    oo and well sea monsters at least could make the trip a bit interesting ha…
    fun post dawn…happy anniversary!


  2. Ha ha, Italy or bust. We’ve all gotta find a way to get there for sure. I am searching for my glass slippers. Smiles.


  3. nice… i’m glad she made it in time with all that work load… my fav cinderella version is a czech production – drei nüsse für aschenbrödel – where she rides to the ball on her white house..


  4. Wear what’s fun – some are in fancy dress and many brought masques (hiding behind their non de plumes) but some of us are dancing in the moonlight, tangoing down the terrace steps and out onto the lawn. So glad you’re here. Here’s to you and to all of us – poets every one!


  5. You know! this is so DAM true..when i go dance walking to the mall i’m always hoping to engage a stranger in deeper talk of Poetry of life..

    But it’s always about Old Navy

    JC Penny

    Sears Roebuck

    even with my wife..
    Enjoy the rest of the BALL of life..
    and thank
    for the much bigger world..
    And mass communication!
    i’ll take Technology
    over a muzzle any day!:)!in my RED STATE AREA..
    OF closed Minds!2!


  6. I think the white sheet wrapped around and tied at the shoulder is quite fitting…now all you need is a glass of champagne and a twirl on the dance floor.


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