So You Want to Keep a Journal? (@5MFF)

“Because God is a writer, it is only natural that we, created in His image, are writers also.” Lynn D. Morrissey I hear it often when the conversation turns to writing or journal keeping. “I wish I had more time to write.” or, “I’ve tried keeping a journal before but stopped.” Another common concern isContinue reading “So You Want to Keep a Journal? (@5MFF)”

When I Was a Litle Girl…(Prompt 20)

    Today we take a walk down memory lane. Some of us have had happy childhoods, others traumatic. I know for me, despite the difficulties God’s hand was evident. Yet there are times He shows me there is still growth needed, thinking that needs correcting, healing that can go deeper. The wonderful thing aboutContinue reading “When I Was a Litle Girl…(Prompt 20)”