Stir the Pot – On Making Soup, Prayer, and Wordless Days

photo credit: Funchye via photopin cc

photo credit: Funchye via photopin cc


But as for me, I am poor and needy; may the Lord think of me. You are my help and my deliverer; you are my God, do not delay. ~Psalm 40:17

I decided to make soup today. Escarole and Bean Soup to be exact. It reminds me of the good things in life, things I can’t articulate that are mixed together in love, garlic and olive oil. Making soup is a simple thing, something I can do. It might nourish my hard-working husband when He comes home. It might remind him of his own simpler days. Soup and simpler days are welcome when the days are anything but simple. More

Girls Day In- (in) RL 2014



I signed up to be an (in)RL Hostess this year for the first time despite not having participated ever before. Last year I had attended an educational conference which happened on the same weekend, and the year prior I believe I had just heard about it, but did not really know what it was all about. This year, I jumped right in, knowing that the (in)RL conference hosted by (in)Courage is  all about connecting…in real life. I am all about connecting. So, there you have it. More

Friend: A Holy Connection (5MF)



Friendship is a safe place, where one can lay back, arms behind the head looking up at the clouds as they pass, say nothing, and all is good.

A friend is one who never gives up on you, a million graces given for no other reason than they accept you. Just. As. You. Are. Flaws and all… better still are the friends who just don’t see all those faults you see in yourself. They hedge you in on every side with grace. Oh, yes,  a friend is a good, good thing!

A friend is a surprise God allows into  your life to remind you, He’s got your back, and when He loves you through the friends He brings into your life, there is a holy connection. Uncomplicated, precious and beautiful. He handpicks our friends, each holy connection to magnify His love.

Five Minute Friday

Created for Connection @5MFF


Recently, we have encountered some computer problems. Our computer started doing strange things and ultimately needed to be brought in for a complete overhaul. It started with the screen, then the mouse went crazy, the printer next, our internet connection was lost, and finally the hard drive.

It seemed each time one problem got resolved another reared up in its place. Meanwhile as a one computer family we were pretty much disconnected from much of our online activity. This definitely has its positive and negative points, but one would prefer to choose the way, how, why and when a computer break would happen. In my humble opinion, of course. But, let’s just say God has His reasons, and perhaps He just wanted to give me something to write about.

Join me today as I share at 5 Minutes for Faith

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Nothing but empty pockets
Outstretched empty hands
Nothing to hang on to
As I travel this barren land


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