The Planner Habit -Makeover Monday


Today for the second installment of my Makeover Monday series of posts, I am sharing my current Planner and the way I made myself at home in it. First, let me give you a quick history on my Planner Love and commitment. I have used a Planner since my first year as a Personal Trainer (of course, this was when dinosaurs still roamed the earth but you understand it’s been a long time). I remember I bought a small At A Glance pink planner to track my schedule. In it I wrote down Personal Training appointments for my first serious stint into the lives and homes of others helping them fit in fitness. As I balanced training others, myself, and various  commitments, including journal keeping, I devised my version of a planner. A three-ring spiral bound 3-5 subject notebook held the details of my diet, training, daily Personal Training Schedule, and other appointments as well as quotes, notes and scraps. Soon after, I began running my own business and I shifted to a DayRunner for a more professional binder and increased versatility. I remember leaving that planner in West Palm Beach, Florida somewhere between the airport and who knows where. God had my back, because within 4 days of returning home, that planner, which held the paperwork for my newly incorporated business was returned! Phew. The Planner habit had been made and I rarely, if ever was without my faithful sidekick.


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