Your Invitation to the Ultmate Blog Party 2014 (5 Minutes forMom)

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Hello Blogging Friends and Un-blogging Friends alike!

This year I made a move from BlogSpot to WordPress, changing my blog’s name from Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith to Enthusiastically, Dawn. It has been part of the renovation going on in my life current.

My One Word for 2014 is Renewal, and although, honestly life has thrown me a few loopsi- doos I’m still standing!


Are You Connecting? (Whispers of Hope- Week 8)


God desires to TAKE our burdens and GIVE His mercy. How many times have we carried a burden we could have daily traded in for His mercies? ~Beth Moore

Picture this scenario:

You and a close friend decide to meet for coffee. This is one who is dear to you, whom you esteem greatly. You look forward to seeing this dear one and long to give your undivided attention completely to whatever their need. More than anything you want to connect with this one to remind them of your great love for them, lest they forget in the busy-ness of the days.

You arrive, and sit at the table anticipating seeing the face you adore. You are brimming with love, and beaming with affirming hope to share with this one precious soul. You wait. And wait.



Safely Kept

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I’m not Job
But I see my world slipping away
I’m not Jeremiah,
lamenting all through the night and day

I’m not Daniel
yet the lion has come to devour
I’m not Jesus
Awaiting His final hour…


The Only (Real) Happy Ending @ 5 Minutes for Faith


Recently, I listened to a friend share with me about an ongoing series of trials that seemed to have the family under siege. She could not  perceive the good that God might be working in the very painful, not so pretty realities surrounding her life in the current season. I get it. I’m still getting it. How often do circumstances arise with a fairy Godmother in tow, ready to make everything perfect for us in every way?

Continue reading at 5 Minutes for Faith…

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The Comparison Trap (3 Ways to Get Free)


“God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.”

-St. Augustine

The bus ride home was always the same. Mine was the last stop. But before my stop came hers. I never knew her name, she was a couple of years older than me. We never exchanged a word.

I watched her get off the bus daily. It stopped right in front of her large, 2 story home, with manicured lawn. She had long, straight, caramel colored hair and always dressed well.  I saw her big beautiful house and I imagined her in her perfect bedroom, in her perfect house with her perfect life. Every holiday a tasteful display of decor adorned the outside. I imagined all of the good things happening inside. I ached for all I didn’t have.



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