Shoreside Thoughts on Perspective (what we need to get through today)


It pains me to start a sentence with the same old line. The line that I feel keeps finding the repeat button in me life. It goes like this: I’ve been going through a difficult situation, or maybe this, “Circumstances have been challenging lately.” 

As I considered this today, I recognized the fact of the matter is life is difficult. Mostly. There I said it. Life is mostly difficult.

Life presents circumstances that offer us a choice, daily.

I walked the beach and came across a perfect shell. Beautiful, unbroken. That it was completely intact surprised me. Because the winter does thrash shells, stones, and even ships. All take a beating and some find their way ashore, broken, tattered, a fragment of their former beauty. Sometimes they are unrecognizable, so changed by the journey. Yet, here before me, lay this exquisite pristine beauty. It had not a crack. It’s complete intactness got me thinking about our own “intactness” and where it is derived.


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