UnSeizing the Day


None of us can do one hundred things to the glory of God. Let’s find rest in His will and do a few things well. ~Beth Moore

Standing in the congregation this morning, I sing and the words wrap around my soul, lifting me close to holiness. But, not for one minute do I feel holy. I worship and wonder how I, this one sinner, in a state of continual transformation, can walk right up to His holiness, unashamed. Sainthood is reserved for sinners, who after being cured from their spiritual blindness, continue to see, and seek His vision. He does not hide truth, yet we busy ourselves blind, don’t we?


Whispers of Hope Online Gathering- Week 1


Here we are after a week’s travel into our journey. Here is the place we meet up, touch base and catch our breath the week to come. We have been been putting into practice Beth Moore’s devotional book Whispers of Hope on a (hopefully) daily basis. In this practical guide for a devotional time of prayer she suggests an Acronym to follow: PRAISE. I look at this little acronym as a “workout” spiritually. We are growing spiritually strong and healthy by following the “program”. When one begins an exercise program for the body, it is not always a comfortable transition. The training protocol challenges our mental discipline as well as our physical stamina and ability. So it is when one is looking to grow spiritually. But heed this truth:



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