Miss Brenda and the Loveladies (Book Review)

miss brenda
I have invited my real life BFF and one of my biggest writing fans to offer up  her thoughts on this book. Lauree is truly an amazing person; I am honored to have her join me here today. She also reads faster and sleeps less than me. She really is amazing!


Shoreside Thoughts on Perspective (what we need to get through today)


It pains me to start a sentence with the same old line. The line that I feel keeps finding the repeat button in me life. It goes like this: I’ve been going through a difficult situation, or maybe this, “Circumstances have been challenging lately.” 

As I considered this today, I recognized the fact of the matter is life is difficult. Mostly. There I said it. Life is mostly difficult.

Life presents circumstances that offer us a choice, daily.

I walked the beach and came across a perfect shell. Beautiful, unbroken. That it was completely intact surprised me. Because the winter does thrash shells, stones, and even ships. All take a beating and some find their way ashore, broken, tattered, a fragment of their former beauty. Sometimes they are unrecognizable, so changed by the journey. Yet, here before me, lay this exquisite pristine beauty. It had not a crack. It’s complete intactness got me thinking about our own “intactness” and where it is derived.


Wisdom of the Holly Tree


“What I do you cannot do; but what you do, I cannot do. The needs are great, and none of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” ~Mother Theresa

There is a Holly bush in our backyard. It, along with its mate, holds a prime spot on our lawn. Both have been here longer than I. The male overlooks the female, in a protective posture in close proximity, a bit taller in stature while she, hovers low and wide to the ground, as if to bow hospitably to welcome the little creatures who linger here…Please join me at 5 Minutes for Faith to read the wisdom I am gleening from the Holly Tree.


Spring’s Repose

WP_20140221_15_04_30_Pro (1)


grey tinged


hovers above

limbs reaching



moist darkness

harbors latent dreams

beneath the surface

Spring sleeps.

Whispers of Hope-Week 3


“We are a people desperate for God’s Word. More than anything, God’s people need to know His Word and be willing to give him the freedom to adjust our lives to its precepts. ” ~Beth Moore

I had a quick walk on the beach Thursday afternoon, it was windy and the waves were spraying lovely. As I turned to walk back from gazing at the multitudes of beach stones scattered haphazardly across the wet sand, I spontaneously sought out a handful of  white stones.


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