There is a moaning
from within
a gentle droning
a future when
from my bones
It groans…
home, home, home.
It carries me
through the day
a memory-
I cannot stay
I long to be…
 home, home, home.
Snow wisps
by my naked face
tarries not
here with this grace
I hold my own
in this place
bearing all…
Still, I hear the call
of that which is to come
I gaze upon the water
remembering all that I have done
You might not recognize me,
I feel my soul expand
 I’m not easily offended
just a stranger in this land…
and as we pass each other by
this ordinary day
I’ll look you in the eye
though from my path I will not stray
but, I’ll hold you in my heart
even though I cannot stay
The road ahead is long
my head’s no place to lay
but I’m carrying on the journey
sharing hope along the way
and I feel again the moaning
from within a gentle drone,
my bones ache with the longing
soon I’ll journey on alone,
I’m not really lonely,
just longing for…
home, home home.
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