The Post In Which I Set You Free From Your Doomed Resolution List


Happy First Monday of the New Year! It has been a while since I posted a Miscellany Monday post- which basically is where my head, which is as busy as the sky on the 4th of July, spills over into this place in cyberspace. But, lucky for you, I’m bursting forth with randoms to share with you today!

First and foremost, I HAVE to share this excellent message preached this past Sunday, by our Assistant Pastor, Randy Curtis.

Some of you know that my #OneWord for this year, is Renewal. Despite not wanting to participate in the One Word Campaign, that so many bloggers enjoy, I discovered God had something for me after all. I thought it was in the scripture only this year. Yet, as I shared with a fellow blogger my numerous reasons why I was not doing the One Word, which can pretty much summed up with this attitude: Life just sucks lately, so why bother. Um, OK, I did not say that, it was more subtle. Like, God does what He wants and I don’t care. I know, not a very spiritual attitude, at all! But, God does know what we need. He did meet me where I was, crappy attitude and all. He led me to Romans 12:1-2. Then, at the time I least expected it, as I read from the English Standard Version, instead of the others, the word just jumped out at me. It was obvious I needed a serious attitude adjustment. So, did God give me my head on a platter? No, he gently, led me to the word Renewal. When I didn’t even want. One. More. Thing. Let alone One Word for the New Year.

It is no small thing that the month before when, sweet Jen @ Finding Heaven asked about our one word thoughts, and I remember replying, if I had to choose what I needed most, it would be “renewed hope”. I promptly forgot about that little conversation, but apparently God was listening. And then He sent an Owl.

But, you must be wondering about thus mentioned AWESOME MESSAGE, right? Well, let me say this. I don’t care where you are in the New Year Resolution thing, but if you are a professing Christian, I believe you NEED (is this a strong enough emphasis?) to listen to the message.

Also, be jealous of MUAH, Yours Truly, because after trying to keep up with the awesomeness coming out of Randy’s mouth via his preparations, gifting to share God’s Word, and the Spirit, my notes had gaps. I just felt that it was worth asking for a fill in the gaps favor, since I can only write so fast. I asked Randy if he could e-mail me his sermon notes. To my joy (only writers get this excited when someone hands them their written, lengthy notes, right?) he handed me his own! Right then, right there. Oh, yeah! OK, why am I so happy? Because now I can re-read until all the message sinks into my thick head. Awesome, yes? Yay, me!

Plus, bonus of bonuses, fireworks were shooting off from (in) my head -surprising that didn’t distract the congregation, because the verses preached fromTitus 2:11-14, well, they are THOSE verses. Like one of a handful of God verses you get in a lifetime that really speak powerfully to you and stick to you. You know, the ones you always highlight FIRST in every new Bible you get, because they are  special messages from your Father who loves you…and you just never, ever want to forget. Let’s just say I have a list of scripture that are especially meaningful to me, because God revealed them to me in a way that made them stand out. Personal. Of course, all of God’s word is living, active, powerful and useful, I know, BUT some are just so creatively, uniquely delivered to us in a season that we know He knows. And that is why He is God, peeps and I am glad of that- He is able. Now, stop distracting me, already… Yeesh!

So just one little quote from the message because, as I said, the best gift I can give you, or you can give yourself, is to listen to it and let it minister grace and truth to you concerning your new year. Amen?

Trust me, on this, OK?

And NO, you cannot have the 5 pages of notes. Unless Pastor Randy e-mails them to you. Sorry. 

“In the year 2014, you don’t need a checklist of things you need to improve. You don’t need a list of things to do. You need to be totally transformed by the power and grace of God. If you are a believer, then that transformation has already taken place. The transformation is continuing to take place. That transformation will one day be totally and perfectly complete. Don’t start your year off thinking about all that you need to do. Start off thinking about all that God has done for you, and before long you will find yourself living in ways you never dreamed possible. “

Now, isn’t that better than your doomed Resolution list?

Seriously, this message was so good, I think it will last all year. I will sit out the rest of my Sundays mediating on this one sermon. Um, no. I am so kidding. But it is so, so, so, good. And I will mediate on it all year. A wonderful new year’s gift.

May God bless your New Year, 2014! 
If you listen to the sermon, will you let me know with a comment back here or on Facebook? 
OK, and so I will have to share my other randoms in another post because well…my randoms in this one were enough, PLUS I do not want to distract you from THE SERMON!
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