Coffee Talk with Barbie Swihart (Author of Coffee Talk with Jesus)


Welcome, fellow bloggers, readers, writers and friends! Grab your coffee, tea or cocoa and curl up close and comfy. Today we are going to have a converstion with my dear blog sister, Barbie. First if you don’t know Barbie, let me tell you how I came to know her, as she has become near and dear to my heart. Although, I think if you ask just about anyone in the Blogosphere, they’d say the same thing! Barbie is kind of a Wonder Woman  in the blogging world. Yes you are, Barbie! She’s blushing, right now, I’m telling you. Barbie encourages others as easy as breathing, with a heart and a smile that are both bright and beautiful, she’s the kind of friend who makes you want to linger over your coffee and stay awhile. I got to know Barbie, first through the mutual blogging communities we shared and then while she was serving as Managing Editor over at 5 Minutes for Faith. She greatly encouraged and guided me as needed when I began guest posting and eventually contribuing there. Barbie loves Jesus and her fellow sisters in the blogosphere and regularly reaches out to encourage, pray and support each one in a personal way. Sit back, relax and say hello to Barbie… More


Full Circle – Welcome!


It’s hard to believe, but I am taking a giant step forward…a leap of faith, shall we say. Ironically, I have come full circle, since the first blog post published over at Blogger in 2011. I actually started right here on WordPress. But, I got flabbergasted; I just could not figure out how to get it going on WordPress. I was ready to set my words free and nothing was going to stop me! Ironically, here I am right back where I started that fateful evening. My initial post, or all I could figure how to do, consited of two words. The words “Hello, World!” sat there, rather lonely until this week when I decided to have a second go. More

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