Coffee Talk with Barbie Swihart (Author of Coffee Talk with Jesus)

Welcome, fellow bloggers, readers, writers and friends! Grab your coffee, tea or cocoa and curl up close and comfy. Today we are going to have a converstion with my dear blog sister, Barbie. First if you don’t know Barbie, let me tell you how I came to know her, as she has become near andContinue reading “Coffee Talk with Barbie Swihart (Author of Coffee Talk with Jesus)”

Moving Day!

I am packed and ready to go…kinda! The new home address for  Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith: I’ll be there, doing what I did here…but just in a new .com!  I have restored the Tabs (feel free to check out the changes) here so that the content is still accessible. This place hereContinue reading “Moving Day!”

When It’s Time to Move On…

photo credit: weegeebored via photopin cc I am here today to say that it is official. I am moving on… from Blogger. I am still in the process. Moving is a process after all. So much to sort through, pack up and leave behind. What stays, what comes with, what’s to be released…Ah, that word “Release”, my One WordContinue reading “When It’s Time to Move On…”