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 Today, I have the honor of taking part in a very unique Advent Season Book Tour which features the title, The War on Christmas: Battles in Faith, Tradition, and Religious Expression by Bodie Hodge. What is unique to this blog tour is that twenty bloggers are participating and each one is reflecting and/or reviewing a specific chapter in the book. Overall, this book takes a look at many of our deepest held beliefs and traditions, weighing them against the biblical and historical record. It is beautifully laid out with colorful images, a welcome addition to your Christian library. This compilation of 23 chapters covers everything from Santa to the Magi, and Mary to the Manger. Mr. Hodge is the General Editor and brings together a beautifully united theme that ultimately leads us to the heart of Christmas. I am getting ahead of myself, let me share a bit about the chapter I was called to focus and reflect on on for this Advent season.

I was thrilled that I was chosen for the chapter that focuses on Creation, Genesis to Bethlehem: Why Creation is Important to Christmas Creation holds a very special place in my heart. Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis offers up insight in this great chapter! I can still recall sitting in a 3rd grade public school classroom and hearing about the theory of Evolution for the first time. It stood out in stark contrast to my second grade Catholic school explanation of Creation. God as the Creator of all creation is addressed in this chapter. We start at the beginning with the first man Adam, in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. Understanding Old Testament theology and prophecy is key to seeing New Testament Gospel truth, clearly. We need to understand the First Adam to recognize the Last Adam, and the need for him. If you have no idea who the Last Adam is, let me assist you, He was born in Bethlehem. But, long before he came, Genesis records the promise of his coming, and the role he will play in saving humanity from the First Adam’s sin which impacted all who followed. I can still recall hearing about the two Adams…the first Adam who brought sin; the Creator, who promised a solution, and the Last Adam, Christ who became salvation. From Sin to Solution, to Salvation that is Genesis to Bethlehem in a nutshell!

Consider: “If we discount the story of creation, we remove the need for Christmas. And sadly generations of young people are being educated by schools and in the media with evolutionary ideas about our origins. The erosion of Christianity in society is directly linked to the attack on the history of Genesis and the increasing indoctrination in a false history: that man is a result of millions of years of evolutionary processes.” 

This book packs just the right kind of reality punch, we as believers and truth seekers need. We don’t want to be sidetracked over secondary issues, while clinging, ignorantly to our traditions. After all, Jesus had a lot to say to those who did just that, when he walked on earth…and most of what he had to say was not very nice! Separating fact from fiction, this is a readable, comprehensible and enjoyable Christmas read, or teaching tool. I’m still enjoying it!

Sale on Downloadable Version: 4.99 (not sure how long that will last but as of this last proof read 12:30ish AM, it was available!

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7 thoughts on “The War on Christmas Book Blog Tour and Giveaway!

  1. This is definately a book I'd like to read. My daughter came home from youth a couple of weeks ago and tried to remove the animals from our manger scene as our youth pastor had said there may not have been animals there. I am most intrigued to read about the real nativity. Blessings!


  2. This chapter title actually really interests me. I believe in creation, but I was homeschooled and had a very Christian creation-focused science curriculum. I've often heard Jesus called the second Adam (and Mary the second Eve) so I agree with you that creation is very important to Christmas – but we don't usually put them together. So this would be a fascinating topic to delve into more. Thanks for sharing at the Cozy Reading Hop! 🙂


  3. Very interesting Dawn- I'm so glad you shared this – I love finding important truth in books that are worth reading over and over like this. So glad you linked up with Cozy Reading Spot again!Marissa


  4. I'm so glad you could join the tour Dawn! As you can see, I'm a little behind on commenting – but I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your review and your share re: evolution vs creation!


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