Little Girl

I am joining in with Bonnie again, and our prompt is “The Little Girl In Me”.

Sometimes friends, it is easier for me to write in a poem what is too hard to say any other way.So here is my journey, here is my offering, these words shared in community.

There is a little girl in me
who rarely came out to play

Huddled alone in a corner she sat
I discovered she’d much to say

With grace I gently drew her out
and asked why she seemed so sad

She said that she missed her childhood
and sometimes it made her mad

I asked her if she might be clearer
so I could understand
 what she meant by those words
so she took me by the hand

Down long corridors we walked
as she guided me
pulling back the veil of time
on distant memories

She stood so small and quiet
 and pointed out each time
pieces of her innocence robbed
it appeared to me a crime

I saw her in her smallness,
fragile, unprotected
by all that was not right
I decided right then and there
to help her in her plight

I knelt down to her
eye level and looked
straight into her eyes
Then I pulled her close to me
regarding not her disguise

I told her that I would stand by her side
and be her forever friend
and I would help her heal her wounds
on me she could depend

I gently unwrapped myself from her
and gazed upon her face
and saw a glimmer of hope
as she emerged from her hiding place

We ventured on and as I saw
each haunted memory
a slow but steady light ahead
a sign of Calvary

I asked if she understood
 all that happened there
she said that if she didn’t
she never would have dared
to wait so patiently for me
and face all that she feared

She led me back in silence
I will never forget her face
lip curled gentle smile
a peaceful state of grace

Morning brought the dawn
a darkness ‘fore the light
I sat up from my slumber
and pondered prior night

And in my foggy state
as I shook myself from sleep
a laughing little girl I saw
barefoot on the beach
came to my mind
as vivid as could be

Squinting as I scratched my head
I shook myself awake
padded to the bathroom
splashed cold water on my face
and as I looked up from the sink
 stared into the looking glass
I saw myself that little girl
and recognized the mask
I smiled and saw her face again
looking back at me-
 she danced along the water’s edge
as happy as could be

she smiled, laughed, kicked up the sand
and with a toss of hair
gave me a wave
 then said
 she’d see me another day
and said I shouldn’t worry
but today she just had to play.

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