Return to Dust



I will become earth,
return to the dust.
I will become earth,
return to the dust.
The earth at least,
 I can trust
I will become earth,
return to the dust.
A wind will come
to blow the dust
away from the earth-
to soar I must.
At last I will fly,
to the sky
carried higher and higher,
beyond the mind’s eye.
At last, I will be truly free
from wounds inflicted
At last, I will be truly free.
Free from the earth, land and sea,
walking on the shores of immortality.
At last, I will be truly free,

forever to live eternally.

At last I will be truly free,
return to the dust-

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Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

16 thoughts on “Return to Dust

  1. wow the repetition works really powerfully in this dawn…and to dust we will return…and then perhaps then we will fly….the trusting of the earth i thought powerful as well…


  2. There is indeed beauty in returning to the dust of the earth. Your poem leads me to believe that death is nothing to fear. However, everything in its own time, and I'm not ready yet. Smiles.


  3. very powerful piece… I truly believe that we as human beings have a deeper connection to the earth than we're aware of… and when our souls leave, the body and earth finally become one… I love the sounds of crashing waters on here as well… when it first started it scared me and I thought my laptop was about to burst into flames tho… smiles.


  4. You inspire me to try poetry. I know I don't have the gift with it that you do, but there's something so central to finding the best words to express what you want to say. You do it well, friend! Thanks for sharing it with us.


  5. You are a gifted poet. Thank you for this today. I read a lot in between the lines…but it's all good. The wonderful thing is, although our body may return to the dust of the earth…our spirit will live forever…where there is no pain, sorrow, or DUST!


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