Fitness Together-Twice As Fun (5 Minute Friday)


Sharing the fitness journey with a partner can make the road less lonely and also keep one from straying too far off course. Although I, myself,  enjoy training solo, I have had my share of training partners along the way. As I think about them, I can’t help but consider, how each of them contributed to my fitness experience, and ultimately my life. Of course, sharing victories, setbacks and struggles is the stuff that fosters friendships. A few of my training partners became loyal friends. Either way, fitness with a friend is worth the effort. It can be twice as fun, keep you motivated when you would rather slack, and in the end, sharing fitness with a friend helps you both enjoy health benefits times two. Fitness shared is Fitness squared!

I M Grateful that I have a Fitness Partner (even though she is all the way on the West Coast) for this Fitness Challenge– because it’s really hard to shirk your fitness duties when your partner is bragging on you all over Facebook from California, no less. I’ll be sitting on my own swanky East Coast, staring, glossy eyed, at the computer and see some post like “My awesome Coach and Bloggy Friend, blah, blah, blah…” and immediately push my chair away from the desk and find my way to activity. 
Partners are great Guiltilators  Motivators! 
You can run, but you can’t hide…when you are in it together! 
This is post is dedicated first of all to Susie – who has been Fitting in Fitness with me in this current season! God is faithful to provide (coast to coast) the right partner in time…
So I know I am not alone, and I actually have to do the plan…
Secondly, for all of you who may be quietly following along, sporadically or faithfully as well.
I am in this with YOU, too! 

Five Minute Friday

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