Of Friendship and Kindred Spirits

“If I died tomorrow and you came upon my words,  would you know me any better,  would you let my voice be heard?” So long ago  I wrote these words,   a teen,  struggling to find my voice… figuring out who I was,   who I would be- feeling small, without a choice. Surely I was aContinue reading “Of Friendship and Kindred Spirits”

Wisdom From Dory (How To Get It Done)

Credit What keeps YOU from being more active? Lack of motivation? Lack of energy? Unsure where to start? You are waiting for the stars to align properly? Perceived time constraints? All of the above? Here is what I want to say to you, regardless of which of these is hindering your ability to progress. DuringContinue reading “Wisdom From Dory (How To Get It Done)”