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Since My Girl had an overnight last night, I am left with a free morning. Of course the first thing I did was make a To Do List… after walking the dog. The list includes the bunny cage which currently needs changing. This one fact may possibly spare you from an exceedingly long, rambling post…probably not (gag). The fact that I lost my camera battery, so have no really cool, Rhode Island pictures to share could also make this a short post. Or the fact that I have not done one of these posts in a while. It’s just me, here with you, on this lovely Monday morning. I am feeling wildly free to share my randoms today, especially since most mornings have been dedicated to routine and Homeschool. I have been spending less time on the computer, and have had to be extra savvy in my writing/blogging schedule, and most days I miss link-ups I love, status updates on Facebook, and reading my favorite blogs regularly. We have been figuring out our own New Normal. Um…not sure how normal it is, but it’s somewhere between a roller coaster ride and a zip-line on any given day. Hanging in and writing along the journey, naturally!  
Multitudes of Randoms:
#501- This weekend, I woke up to an early morning text and was whisked off to breakfast at Phil’s Main Street Grille with my BFF. There is nothing like the blessing of coffee and breakfast with a girlfriend, yes? What a treat. 
#502- I also got some Barnes & Noble time in Sunday night after dropping My Girl off for overnight. So, there I sat with a stack of 13 lovely journals and a half dozen random books. I sipped coffee, wrote in my own, ready to be laid to rest  journal; I actually wrote a poem about the journals that were stacked on the table before me…as well as random thoughts-because that’s what WE journal writers do, right? We write. On and on and on. There is no greater joy to me than being surrounded by books, with pen and journal in hand (No, I don’t have a laptop!). Serious BLISS. Oh, so a few books that I perused: The Circle Maker, My Prayer Book, Royal Britain, On Writing Well, a really cool Bible that I cannot remember but wish I could, and a few others. I could spend hours in the bookstore or library. I could live in one of those places. 
#503- How about this miracle: We made it through three weeks of Homeschooling! Whoohoo…Um, yeah just 33 more to go! Hoping to share a post about what I’m learning on the journey this week.
Prayers welcome and graciously accepted. 
#504- In October there is a wonderful crazy time for Bloggers hosted at The Nesting Place where each blogger shares a challenge, journey or endeavor to write about for 31 days. Well this year, I have decided to post 31 Days of Fitting in Fitness. Trust me, I need this as much as you do – can we journey together?  I pray this will bless you and get you moving- from where you are to a balanced perspective and a realistic approach toward moving more. Um, and right now I am right there in Bloggy Sedentary land needing to get off my duff a bit more. I was blessed beyond words when Barbie had a special button made for my sharing of this with all of you. So thankful. You can see it on my Facebook page and I will be sharing it here this week in the post announcement!

#505- Praying again with my fellow moms for our first Moms in Prayer gathering this September.
I can do all things through Him who gives me strength!

#506- SUNFLOWERS! The sunflowers are shooting up tall in our little bird feeding area and I am overjoyed in their appearance and abundance! I promise I will share pictures of these beauties as soon as my new camera batteries arrive.

#507- impromptu visit to a local neighbor’s B&B. A lovely place to visit if you come to Little Rhody and want to stay at a local Inn in Narragansett. She Home Schooled back before it was common and shared a whole lot of her thoughts with me and showed me around her lovely Inn on one of my “live like a local tourist” mornings. #everydayadventureswithdawn

#508- Love this Rhode Island Classical radio station. My preference for music is Classical, Jazz and music without words…so important to my ability to hear the still small voice. My favorite surround sound is sweet silence.

On that note, I have to say the bunny cage smell is now unbearable and I wrote thirtysomething items on my To Do List. I best leave this post and get onto the #509-513+ blessing (help me see them that way, Lord…)  that will make up the majority of my day: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, Homeschool planning, bunny cage cleaning etc. etc. etc.

BUT this is how I really feel…

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