Girl Talk (5 Minute Friday-She)

When we say She,
let it be 
that every word 
upon our lips 
edifies relationships
When we say she,
may it be said of us
that we did not once  throw
the one not present 
“under the bus.”
When we say she
let those around us see
all that 
girls and woman can be
because of One sweet Savior’s
gift of Calvary
May our talk reflect
the giver’s dialect
and may every she 
we see,
be blessed.
I’m just laying here all scrunched up in bed with my daughter’s tiny laptop and thinking about how sweet it would be if girl talk could always magnify His grace. Happy Friday, Friends. So here is my 5 minutes of untamed verse,
for those of you who would like to join in, Click and join the  ride!
Five Minute Friday

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