We Are Works In Progress (Our Creativity Center/Main Homeschool Room)

Welcome to our Homeschool Room for the 8th grade. This room serves as a general Creativity Center. Home Office. Scrapbook Room. Blogging Station. You name it and it probably happens here. All kinds of good stuff happens in this room. FYI, it never stays this neat. I mean really, creativity is a messy process. But,Continue reading “We Are Works In Progress (Our Creativity Center/Main Homeschool Room)”

Chase – A DVD Based Study by Jennie Allen (Review)

  “God is invisible, and yet He is the only thing we can chase that won’t leave us feeling more empty.” What comes to your mind when you hear the name David? Chase DVD-Based Study by Jennie Allen is an attempt to draw the lessons of the life of the man whom God called “a manContinue reading “Chase – A DVD Based Study by Jennie Allen (Review)”

Worshipping in the Throng (5 Minute Friday: Worship)

Sometimes it is hard for me to worship with a roomful of Believers. Maybe it’s my ADHD, maybe it’s my flesh, maybe it’s the enemy (I’m sure) but maybe it’s just harder to hear Him where there is so much commotion. Yet, because I know it is His will, I push back the distraction ofContinue reading “Worshipping in the Throng (5 Minute Friday: Worship)”