Ship Bound for Madness

The ship sits dockside
it’s ready to leave,
just a matter of time
as far as I can perceive
Horizon  glows orange 
beyond this here place
and I might just board it
but I have my place.
They’re fighting for rights
and out of control,
lost sight of the truth-
hate’s taken hold
Souls harboring darkness
not seeing the light,
drown in confusion
immersed in the fight.
I’m battle weary
watching this war
I stand by the ramparts
and I’m pretty sure
all Heaven is weeping-
can you show me the door?
They’re fighting for rights
and out of control,
lost sight of the truth-
hate’s taken hold
and I’m battle weary
I need a rest
Lord, you better come soon
because there’s not much left…
This war is not new
 back  in the garden
the fighting began 
one woman and snake 
one apple and man
a serpent deceived-
still hissing today
thriving on those
 he betrays.
This ‘angel of light’
has but one plight
the destruction of man
taking all that he might.
He whispers his lies,
“You were born this way.
 Now fight for your rights and have your own way.”
He twists and distorts and turns things around,
once a foothold 
now gaining ground…
and it’s the last hours,
the time’s drawing near
The sails are set,
as is the snare.
Yes, I’m battle weary as the war wages on.
I’m standing dockside waiting for you
will you board this here ship
or the Faithful and True?
I’ve got my sword
and my shield too
I’m battle weary-
but I’m still fighting for you.
My fate is sealed,
this much I know,
But I stand at the dock,
asking which way you’ll go.
Take my hand,
do not depart-
the Commander is near
prepare your heart-
This ship’s bound for madness
but I know the One
who will change your destiny,
if you can just hold on…
His blood will cleanse you and give a new start,
now stop where you are and steady your heart.
It’s not for Him to conform to us.
It’s not for Him to conform to us…
but madness has come to carry away
those whose minds are set 
to have their own way-
and I’m battle weary
watching the war
whenever you’re ready, Lord
open the door. 
The ship stands waiting,
it won’t be long
but I’m still standing singing my song.

© 2011-2013 Dawn Paoletta/Beneath the Surface:Breath of Faith

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