Why I Journal (RJD Link Up July 2013)

First things first!
Welcome to a peek into my journal. Before I let you peek, I want to make sure you know about our monthly Journal Writers Gathering here in the blogosphere. It’s called Random Journal Day and is hosted by Yours Truly and partner in crime  all things writing, Susie of Recovering Church Lady fame. 
We share a bit from our journals stashed…we reach back and look at those pages, randomly (or not so randomly, ahem.) choose something to share, and link up! If you haven’t joined us, we’d love to have you. It can be just the tiniest bit of your heart from the pages of your journal…or more! The first Friday of the month is when we gather.
But meantime, please feel free to join us. 
We really don’t bite. Actually we are a loving bunch! 
This is why I journal. I pulled this small journal from my shelf, and had no recall of ever writing this passage. But the words and the irony are not lost on me. This little impromptu paragraph was written on July 12, 2005. I was still in the closet with my writing. I did not know about Facebook-did it even exist, yet? I had never heard of Blogging. Seriously. I was HomeSchooling my then  5 year old girl, and we had just moved to a new home in a rural area of Rhode Island. Yes, they exist. 
As always I wrote in my journal, regularly like breathing….
Still do.
The fact is we forget. 
We forget the miracles and mundane. 
The big promises we make to God and ourselves. 
But when we journal…write these things down, they find us and remind us. I have never stopped this habit, since childhood, my life story is found on pages bound, scribbled, set aside and revisited in time again to recall all that matters, that I otherwise forget.

July 12, 2005

Lord, I’m not sure why this came to my mind
 but I just want to offer up my gift and love
 of and for writing to you-
Lord use it as you will.
I surrender the “rights” to it 
and accept it as a tool and vehicle
 for you to touch lives with- 
for your pleasure 
and in your power, grace, mercy and love-
for Christ’s sake,
In His name- Amen.
As I read this, just this week, July 2013, I thought to myself, what a powerful reminder.
I need to remember the words I penned in my journal in 2005 – SIX years BEFORE I ever shared my writing through blogging as they apply to my writing life now and in the future! 
Be sure and stop by to see what’s being shared and share from your own journal if you dare! 
Come on, DARE! I double dog DARE you! 
Feel free to use either image along with your post! 
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The one that got away- here is the only ICAD I threw out!
I don’t know what happened but it got ruined
somehow and I remember throwing it in the trash.
At least I have the picture, I suppose! 

My total thus far is 37, but Summer days are getting hectic! 

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