ICAD Update

Continuing with the ICAD Challenge with Daisy Yellow and all of the wonderfully creatives who are participating…Days 10- 20. I have been experimenting with paint, although my favorite  creative endeavor is collage. Having fun with all of this, and look forward to treating myself to my very first canvas at the end of the challenge! I loved trying Zentangles aka Doodles! 

I would love to know which one you like best!
Scroll to find my fave…


Bought with a Price

For Better and Better

4th of July


Zentangle in Color

Accidental Zebra

Acrylic Butterfly

Full of Promise

Zig Zag

Zentangle 1

Zentangle 2
Zentangle 3


Every Day

Zentangle 4

Scallop Shell



The Best Plans
Renew Your Mind
Ice King (for my Girl!)
I am especially fond of “Every Day”! 
But each one of them is part of a creative continuum that reflects a process…so they are tiny treasures to me! You should see some of the great cards shared on the Facebook page, daily- as well as consider jumping in for some creative adventures for yourself!
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Rhythm and Rest (5 Minute Friday-Rhythm)

Rhythm is defined as  is a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound. I’m finding my rhythm lately. In all of the chaos of life, I am starting to realize that I have my own rhythm and am tuning into that which was fading into the background. I am hearing that tune which is becoming my own. I hear it in the call of the birds in the wee morning hours. I sense it in my day as I tune into the movement and magic of each moment as the day unfolds before me. Even in the battles, I feel it. From the early walk on the beach, to the dishes being done, lunches being made, coffee brewing early. It picks up pace and I feel the rhythm of my life in the making of the bed, and the doing of the laundry. At the end of the day there is rest, and the knowing, it is well. 

Five Minute Friday

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