Confessions of a Reluctant Sunday School Teacher

I never thought of myself as a Sunday School Teacher. Actually although I enjoy working with kids, and can fully dive right into their joy and frustration, I never would have ever asked to be that. One. Title. Youth volunteer, chaperon, Children’s Church Teacher/Helper, VBS teacher and  helper all are options and I have been…just not that one thing: Sunday School Teacher. But then one day, someone asked. I had already told God that, I am not Sunday School Teacher material. Awana Leader, YES! That was the first of my recruitment into children’s ministry and I adored the combination of games and scripture memorization. Plus, it wasn’t “Sunday School Teacher”. For some reason, actually many, I felt that role would be better left to the…um, er….holier than I, people.  
See,  when I thought of a Sunday School teacher, in my head up pops Laura Ingalls or someone who looks like her at least. You know? I can actually think of a lot of better qualified and “better” candidates. 
Sigh. But it’s really hard to argue with God. 
I mean- to argue and win. 
Actually, I successfully avoided this avenue for many years and I happily joined in many other areas of service as I felt God’s leading. Also a number of ventures that were not His leading but that’s another post. Let’s just say I have learned the hard way, it’s better to go where He leads.
Which is why, since I had already explained to Him why I was happy NOT to be a Sunday School Teacher that I concurred when it came time. 
I find He really is not impressed with my arguments. Although I feel I hold a darn good debate. 
Joining me for this venture was a special boy who I have come to adore, named Evan. Who just happens to be moving up to the next group after three years of partnering with me along this journey. Who for the last two years has joined with me for the New Year plunge into frigid cold water in January. Who has also taught me more than I probably have taught him…who I am going to miss. Next year will be my first year teaching Sunday School without Evan. I know that I will still love and pray for the students God gives. And enjoy each one of them. I know I will stay a Sunday School Teacher as long as God says, STAY. But this Sunday, Evan came in and handed my an envelope, with a note in it. I asked if he would like to read it to me. And He did. Before our little class. Whence I learn but again, the blessing of trusting God, instead of winning the argument with Him. And I learn that life is all a letting go. Again. A trusting of God, and all He gives. A receiving, and letting go continuum. And I wonder that He doesn’t make the student a teacher to keep them a student of His grace and truth, wholly reliant on Him. Knowing that any good to come of this venture- will be because of His wildly amazing grace and mercy. Because, for all sake and purpose I would be a lousy pick for a Sunday School Teacher after all. Except that God and Evan don’t seem to agree. 
Evan and I at our first PLUNGE. 

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