On Friendship and Listening Well (5 Minute Friday-Listen)

I’ve thought about what it means to listen well, often. Probably because it’s something I have had to work on over the years. One might think this listening thing is easy, but I would have to argue against that assumption. Listening requires both selflessness and complete presence of self. Those who learn how to listen well, will be sought after and appreciated as it is a rare gift to give. As for me I can think of those who have offered this precious gift of listening…which includes so much more than what is heard. Think about why you connect with someone. Anyone. It’s because you have felt truly listened to, heard. And in this gift there is something beautiful and holy. It’s acceptance.So Christlike. 
Selfless, yet available. A true life preserver in a day when we all drown in our own distractions. 

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