No Bad Beach Days {The Requirements of Friendship}

To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me. ~Isaac Newton
It was a grey day following a stream of hot, sunny days that bore down on our little state sticky and relentless. But, it was the day we had planned to go to the beach. The official Beach Day. 
This one grey day, with 70 percent chance of rain threatening our anticipated plans.
Yet, there was beauty in it.
When you live this close to the ocean- a hop, skip and a jump away,
others from everywhere do like to come and play.
But not on a grey day. 
Not on a day when sweatshirts and blankets from Fall will make an impromptu appearance in June. And although the concession stand was closed, the bathrooms were open. 
What do brave and crazy children care if the sun is beating, or not, because once they arrive they pick up as if the sun is shining anyway. Into the chilly water, back out, rolling in sand, and digging in coolers looking for more and still more. Ball throwing, walking, wrestling and talking. Surfing and soaking in salty air. Minus the sun.
Minus, sweat and sunshine and sunburns.
Minus forgotten reapplication of sunscreen.
Minus overcrowded beach sand.
Yet, still this.
Beach chairs, blankets, books and conversation.
Friendship does not miss what it does not need.

And what does friendship require…
but present, willing, available hearts.
Friendship does not require sunshine and better still, there really are no bad beach days.
Life is better when we roll with what we get and make the best of it.
Because there is beauty to be had in it.
And in the end the rain never came. 
“Giving thanks to God is what ushers one into the very presence of God. And this is why He asks us to always give thanks. He comes to those with open, grateful hands. ~Ann Voskamp

 (From One Thousand Gifts Devotional -pictured above-which I will be reviewing soon but will tell you this. I am really enjoying these short but beautifully profound devotions from this best selling and dearly loved author!)
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Between the Tween and a Hard Place (5 Minute Friday-In Between)


Just right now, I am between leaving one dream behind and waiting to see another unfold.
Releasing old goals and allowing new goals to emerge.
In between all of the dreams and goals is one reason to step back and renegotiate.
Her curls drop down heavy and I see miraculous.
Her eyes look back at me, reminding me of Junior Mints…dark chocolate brown.
I’m enraptured with her smile and at twelve I still am in awe of her feet and toes.
See, I am still amazed at this miracle, baby girl, on the brink of woman.
All of my between is reserved for this one tween.
As I hope and pray the days away allowing myself to be remade for this day, this time, this need.
Right here, right now.
This child won’t remain…
in this brief period of my life called in between.
I write for 5 Minutes with the rest of these crazy ladies at Lisa-Jo’s Place:
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Five Minute Friday
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An Important Question For You: Will We Stay Connected?

I don’t want to lose touch with you!
I am sad to see Google Friend Connect discontinued as of July 1, 2013.
GFC is my primary way of following most of you and reading my favorite Blogs. 
My question is, how do you follow me?
If you want to continue following my writing through Beneath The Surface Breath of Faith and keep current with all that is coming in the days ahead, like my upcoming Series: Morning Stones: Short Devotionals for Long Summer Days, I hope you will be sure and seek an alternative way to stay connected!
Personally, I am grateful for each of you who takes the time to do any of these: read, comment, share my posts or just drop by the blog now and again. 
I recently signed up and transferred the blogs I follow over to Bloglovin’.
You can also find and follow me there. I really love it and hope you will join me there!
There are multiple ways you can choose from to continue to keep up with me here-and you might know a few I don’t! 
Here’s how you can stay connected:
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Please find a way to stay in touch!
Meanwhile I would love to know (in the comments, if you would) your favorite ways to follow and keep up with Blogs you love and how you are planning to keep connected.
Let me know how I can help!
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She Dreamed Herself A Rose

One summer evening
the kind where the breeze blows through 
open windows
white sheers dance a hypnotic dance…
she dreamed a dream
moon peeking 
eyes squinting
blue-black sky 
star splattered canvas
lulling her
to the never-never place
tree branch scritch-scritching
the roof
 night time melody
toad symphony
eyes heavy
gently squeezing tight 
shutting out the day 
and dancing curtains
her body still
window sill
as she took root from seed and grew
but unafraid
ever reaching 
toward light
but still known
trusting the light
blossoming full
she became the rose
awakened to morning
dew kisses –
she dreamed herself a rose
and became the beautiful flower
bringing smiles 
and joy
 to all who
 came into her presence
and in her season
she was known
to have grown
from the small
from earth 
into the unknown
all the way
to Heaven.
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Don’t Wait – A Post on Friendship, Eternity and Assumptions of Tomorrow

I replay the last time I saw him over and over in my head.
 Standing in the check out at Stop & Shop.

 We had been communicating over the phone and e-mail and only had been in touch after many years. Such was this friendship. It was the kinds of friendship that had the weathered storms of teen years, lifestyle changes and lives apart. It was the kind that had seen good times, bad times- some shared together, many more apart but then shared in catching up conversation. It had been close, distant, then close again. Although just prior to my dear friend Steve’s passing in 2010, life seemed to have delivered us back into our easy going friendship. I did not realize on that day at the market, it would be the last time I would see him, this side of eternity.

I called him, but not until a few days later. I e-mailed him and got no response. It bothered me because he had told me much about his recent struggles and challenges. I assumed things got busy. It was not like him to not respond at all.

It was one year later almost to the date of that encounter that I found out.
I was laying in the backyard when my mom walked around newspaper in hand and mentioned a memorial for Steve Harrison. “Is that your Steve?” she asked. I shot back “Of course not, it couldn’t be- I saw him awhile back. He’s busy. Lots going on with work, life and family stuff.” 
Upon further observation, to my complete shock, the reality was confirmed. My heart could not comprehend it. There are people in life somehow we just assume will always be there. Even if we are not always in touch, right? There are friends I fear, we believe will live forever. Loved ones who we feel are guaranteed to stay the course here with us. We live parallel lives in different worlds trusting there is always tomorrow.

There are days when you realize that the people who you miss most in this life are the ones who make you long for eternity. 

Steven Harrison – you are missed by this one, and many. June 25th will never be the same- but always a reminder of your smile and life. Always.

Today my friends, I have one message for you:

Don’t wait.
Don’t wait to say I’m sorry, or I love you.
Don’t wait to reach out.
Don’t wait to forgive, or let go of that one thing that holds you back from forgiving.
Don’t wait to be the bigger one. Or smaller one.

Really it doesn’t matter in the end.

Don’t trust you have tomorrow.


I was going to write a whole new post …as I think of him today –
but really I said it all at the post I wrote when it happened.
I hope you will take the time.

Here it is if you would like to check it out:
A Grief Observed With Hope

With continued love and prayers for the Harrison family and friends.

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