On Days It Pays To Walk Away (5 Minutes for Faith)

If you caught my post earlier this week, titled Surfside with the Savior, for Wordless Wednesday, you had a heads up about where my head has been this week. I also alluded to the fact on the Facebook page that I would be writing more on the topic for my gig at 5 Minutes for Faith this weekend.
So without further adieu, surf’s up, my friends- I pray this message today is as refreshing to you as it is to me! Here we go!

I pulled into the beach parking lot at six in the morning.
 I knew that my regular walking partner would not be there, 
but another friend had mentioned joining me,
 so I made sure to show up. 
I sat in my car, opened the small devotional I had brought along 
for just such a waiting moment and I waited…continue reading.

Comments are off here in hopes that you will join me there!

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