Achoo! (on Monday)


Here comes Spring…NOT! You think it’s here then WHAM- frost alert!

I am tapping away here between coughs, sniffles and sneezes- I think you’re safe where you are.
I must say it’s hard to miss all of the beauty that is popping out and fighting hard to make it;’s appearance  Forsythia, Magnolia, Daffodils, Tulips are blooming and buds are battling for their place in the sun, everywhere. But old Jack Frost is fighting for his own right to party. May the sunshine win. Even I have had enough of cold for one season.
 I made it through church and Sunday School yesterday but then bedded down for the day with a steady dose of CNN and Disney’s Tangled between dozing. 
Well here is my round – up for Monday.
Share a link, or comment and I will pop by to visit between coughs and sniffles! 
Morning walk and a whole lot of yellow visiting, Narragansett! 

This week I wrote a lot. I mean per usual but I wrote in a very unlikely place. Not that I won’t write anywhere. I keep a journal in my bag at all times. However this time I camped out in the Food Court at the Mall Friday, while my girl and her friend romped around for 5 hours. I wrote to my hearts’ content and finished a short book on my Kindle about Self-Publishing.
Hoping to share more on the experience with you all later.
So my big tip for writers this week: Get out of your comfy zone and write in an unlikely place.
I picked up this cute little book as a gift for my hubby but I perused the pages myself and it is a must read for locals as well as anyone who wants to come and visit our little state! Recipes, and insider looks at the back-stories of many great dining places and influences surrounding Rhode Island Cuisine. I give it a YUMS Up. 
Over at 5 Minutes for Faith this month there is a special series happening and I wrote about my own mom and my relationship there. Pop on over when you have a chance to read it as well as the many other encouraging posts through May. Also if you think God might want you to share at 5 Minutes for Faith, check with Barbie to see if there is a current opening. 
Beautiful Dogwood in bloom – I actually turned the car around and grabbed this beauty,because life is short and why not capture all the beauty you can in a day…or a moment!

The WINNER of the signed copy of Transformed By Tough Times is:
Pamela Manners! That is, as always random drawing of folded papers in bag picked by husband or daughter. Congrats, Pam!
Counting to 1000 #431. His faithfulness to meet me as I prepare for Sunday School lessons #432. flowers and friends, both uniquely beautiful #433. How He loves me… and how knowing this gives me everything I need to hang on in difficult times and rejoice in good. #434. it’s all from Him. 
#435. trusting he will bring comfort and healing to those who have been impacted throughout the tragedies this week. 

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