Spring’s Desire

I find myself longing for something new.
Not that I am discontent. 
I am not. 
I have peace. 
Am content.
Yet I feel a longing within,
not dissatisfaction,
for that stirs up 
negative connotations.
Is there a fresh wind blowing?
Have the winds of March left 
the feathers strewn, dried leaves dancing?
Questions prancing through my mind, like horses
waiting on Spring’s kiss.
Nostrils flare, warm breath meets cold air,
I stand waiting as thoughts gallop on past.


There is a stirring within my soul,
I’ve not forgotten
my ultimate goal.
I am your pupil- the center of your eye
Confident am I, of your love.
But there is a new day dawning and I sense the morning
whispering sweet promises blurred by mist.
I walk the shore, winter’s abandoned rocks glimmer, 
washed clean in salty splashes-
beaten, tossed, worn and beautiful…
Am I like a rock, Lord?
Am I beautiful?
What does Spring promise?
Hope eternal in colorful blooms,
new life,
glimpses of green.
Mr. Robin, don’t be dismayed,
though it may seem
Spring is delayed,
He has made everything beautiful in it’s time.
Hope in His faithfulness.
I find my hope in the blue sky of your eyes,
the white clouds of your hair,
the solid strength of the trees reaching low, reaching high
the wind that blows my hair wild…

Lord, quench my longing with your presence,
let me bask in the quietness of an eternal glory that far outlasts a season.
Hope eternal, bubbling up,
living water to satisfy the thirst of my soul. 
Spring blooms in the confidence of your love.
Am I like a flower, Lord?
Am I lovely?
What will Spring deliver this year?
Will I be renewed with the thaw?
Dew kissed promises refresh the heart.
Make me brand new, Jesus.
Roll the stone, make me alive-
Call my name- loudly
I will rise.
Make me new, without compromise.
Renew my heart, without disguise.
Let my life reflect You.
Let your presence abide 
and shine through.
Let your life
truly be
 Spring eternal rising up from
 within me.
*With special thanks for the beautiful horses captured on film and shared by Kelly Laffey of Laffey’s Irish Animals. 
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