Those Feet (Remember: 5 Minute Friday)

I remember the first time I saw those feet.
Toes stretching wide, new life.

I became captivated with the perfection of something
 fresh from God’s hands and was awed.
I spent days circling you while you slept, snapping pictures.
I’d stumbled upon treasure; 
somehow birthed these amazing gems- 
and was smitten with every move they made.
 Even now I am held captive by their charm.
 Reminded of the Father’s handiwork. 
So I paint them and surround them with cute fashion 
yet they are never more beautiful than when they are full naked. 
Like that day I first aid eyes on them…on you. 
Precious girl.
Will I always be entranced by your feet?
I do believe it is a mother’s prerogative and declare with loving confidence,
“Until the day I die!”

Joining in with Lisa-Jo for 5 minute writing Bliss!

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