Random Journal Day (March 2013)

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Welcome to Random Journal Day!

Rules, Schmules…Check them out HERE!
Here I am late today, apologies tap-tap-tapping out of my keys to you all!

It has been a very busy month since last time we gathered.
Here it is the first of March and I am feeling the length of the days lately.
Spring is around the corner but still sleeping.
There are small hints of the waking, though.

I hear it in the bird’s song outside my window, even now!

So I have a challenge for you all:
Find some time to get away…to the coffee shop, the beach-side, a quiet place of your choosing.
Get alone with your journal and write!
Or draw, create.
Just be…
isn’t that the beauty of pouring out our expression on paper?
Oh, yes, I know you already do that!

If you write, DRAW or sketch.
If you DRAW, write or try a new way of expressing yourself.

If you paint try collage.
If you collage try scrap booking.


Today or during the next few weeks!

Shake yourself up.
Wake yourself up…

Spring will be here soon enough!

Please share your precious journal pages with us!
Inspire us, encourage us and be inspired and encouraged yourself!
Writer’s, Artists, Journal Keepers of all persuasions!
Welcome, welcome ALL!


No Ordinary Girl (5 Minute Friday-Ordinary)

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7th Grade. I am standing in a new school, in a new town, in the smallest state in the United States of America. Awkward. Alone. Self-Conscious. Who wears 7th Grade well? I didn’t. It came with tight jeans, hated hair, insecurities that bred while I slept. I loathed my life and felt oh, so ordinary. I walk into this new school which is to me “the big city”. I feel the eyes upon me. New girl. Awkward magnified. How I wish I felt…special. I ask the teacher what to do, as I swim in a sea of unfamiliar faces and halls and realize I am sinking. Just another face. The teacher is not so sensitive to my current circumstance but busy with a million mundane tasks, distracted. Still, she manages to direct me, only mildly annoyed. I stalk the halls wishing I could escape somehow through crevices in the hallway walls. The angst of one thousand ordinary moments longing to be something more than ordinary. 
I watch my daughter scale this period in life. She thinks I have no knowledge of puberty or adolescence. I see her struggle and remember too well the pain of the years. Some get by unscathed. Others, escape by grace, look back, head shaking, relieved that those years are but a temporary season. 
Come on over and check in on the writing prompt, write for 5 minutes and join the fun!

Five Minute Friday


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