Writing to God (Week 2)


Well, week 1 (Book: Days 1-7) is behind us and we get ready to journey ahead for week 2 (Book Days 8-14) of our Writing to God adventure. If you are along for this journey I invite you to share in the comments what your favorite prompt or writing day was this past week. If you happen to be dropping in, please join in the opening conversation or jump in with the below Prompt (Creative Writing) from Rachel’s Writing to God Discussion Guide. 

Opening Conversation:
What writing are you doing this week (emails, grocery lists, etc.)?

Creative Writing
Write creatively (in any genre – fiction, poetry, memoir, etc.) for ten minutes
in response to this prompt: “Tomorrow promised to be a good day.” Offer
the opportunity for group members to share parts or all of their writing after
the ten minutes.

My thoughts from the past week:

*One of the reasons this book sat on my shelf for a bit was my concern about writing from prompts daily that were written by someone else. Generally that feels confining to me, or at least that was my perception prior to this first week of writing in response to these daily prompts. To my surprise the scripture and readings are edifying uplifting and inspiring. I only had one day where I felt I was a tad bit unfocused and chalk that up to my own issues of the morning.

*I can’t even pick a favorite because I find each day has really been incredibly satisfying and positive.

*A note: I generally write to God through my journals. I tend to go on, and on and ramble back and forth. This is not a bad thing necessarily but my goal and hope for this Writing To God journey is to have a more focused time of writing that leads into my morning prayer time. I pick up my journal randomly anytime to write so I really was hoping that this endeavor would limit me (in a good way) and allow me to have a richer,more focused writing/prayer time that would be set apart each day. I only allow myself to write on the one page given, as an effort in focus and supporting my effort in this area. I do think that for some, a journal or notebook would be best, especially if one has not been writing in this way before. Then the freedom to go with the prompt and explore without page limits might be best. But for me in this season, limits are needful and helpful! Do what is best for you in the season God has you!

I hope you will comment and share how you are doing on your journey here with us! Feel free to link a post if you have one related to today’s prompt or a post written about your journey! Otherwise, What are you writing this week? 

Feel free to pop in here anytime during the week to add a comment or link related to your journey.
Let’s keep it lively and see you here next week as well!

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