Writing to God { Welcome & Introduction}

Welcome to this first meeting here for our Writing to God endeavor. 
First I want to thank each and every one who has chosen to jump in, feet first…or pen first, as the case may be and join here in community. This is the first time I have done something like this online-well not counting the Random Journal Day Link Ups, although fostering community in Christ wherever He leads is a strong desire of my heart. So… welcome. I will do my best to facilitate and pray that each Wednesday for the next  weeks you will pop over at some point and share how your week of Writing to God went, if there were prompts you loved, or struggled with, epiphanies or gridlock.
Come what may, come what might- each Wednesday let’s meet together and share here in the comments without pretension or guilt but just from the heart as you feel comfortable and led.
Links are welcome, as are thoughts, reflections and responses along the journey.
Speaking of interacting, would you all prefer me to have a link up for posts or just keep our sharing in the comments? The reason I initially shied from a “link-up” is two-fold.

1. Intimacy. The main purpose of this journey is for you and I first to wrap ourselves up in writing to Him. Not for this group, the bloggy world, or for any audience other than an audience of one. 
The One. So you can blog and share links but it is not mandatory or anything. However I know we are bloggers, it’s what we do. I will leave this for you to decide- to blog or not to blog…
(Let me know if you want me to add Link Up or if it’s just fine to share our thoughts/links in the comments)
2. Community. The second portion of the equation is to come together in community and share about the journey and process and to support and encourage one another here as we feel comfortable and led. Not out of compulsion. Consider this a place of grace- landing ground, springboard and place to embrace grace…and one another.  

Intimacy with God fosters intimacy with others and ultimately leads to authenticity in relationships. But this journey is for you and the Lover of your soul first and foremost.

This journey will be unique to you, even though we are all writing from the same prompts. 
Whether you are a seasoned writer, or a beginner desiring to put your heart on paper- I want you to ask God to take your hand and lead you on the path He has for you during the journey.

Welcome & Intro. 2/20-2/26   Days 1-7
 Week 1.    2/27-3/5      Days 8-14
  Week 2.    3/6-3/12    Days: 15-21
  Week 3.    3/13-3/19  Days: 22-28
     *Week 4.   3/20-3/23   Days 29-32; Palm Sunday through Wednesday (3/24-3/27) from Prayers and Prompts for Holy Week
*Week 5.  Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday (4/1-4/2) from Prayers and Prompts for Holy Week; Days: 33-34
Week 6.   4/3-4/9  Days 35-40

*Note the book uses “days” not pages -Holy week is a marked section that follows the 40 days in back of book. I hope all this makes sense. If anything seems awry just let me know!

 I did have to adjust the date once I matched the prompts to the calendar.
Our last gathering here will be April 10th.

We are off on this journey…
I look forward to seeing you each Wednesday!

Now I am off to bed, and I look forward to my first prompt for Day 1, appropriately titled Caffeine!
If you have any questions or thoughts to share today, I will be dropping in and out with a cup of coffee between Home-school to check inhere. Oh and if you move ahead, or lag behind, please still join us here!

“In the space of Writing for God, give yourself the freedom to pray without judgement and to be creative with words as you converse with the Word Made Flesh.”
~ Rachel Hackenberg

Dear Lord, I do praise you the Living Word…who became flesh and dwelt among us. I do pray for each of those who are joining on this journey, that they might grow in intimacy with you during these next weeks. That you would bring fresh vision, insight and clarity, breathing new breath into stagnant places. Wake us up, Lord. Shake us up. Remind us of the early days, when we were filled with the excitement and wonder of your love, grace and mercy. Let our faith be new, fresh and tender again. Soften us where we need softening, refine us in the fires of your truth that we may shine brighter, in the darkest days. Breathe, a fresh breath of faith into our hearts, Lord as we humbly seek your face.
I ask that each one would keep this special time of writing simple, and uncomplicated.
A holy, intimate time with you, whether 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes or anywhere between and beyond. Let them not worry about penmanship, grammar or getting it all right but instead let pen and heart unite. Draw close to each one. Thank you for all you will do.
I ask in Jesus Name, Amen.

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