How To Live Through A Blizzard (No Ordinary Monday)

In one verse: How you live through a blizzard. 
This one verse !!
Praise Him for His Word- which sustains me!
I clung to Psalm 37:3 and I promise it might be my life verse.
Feeding on His Faithfulness is my number one priority…

Well here we are in our little snowed in state, heading into week three of Home School. 
Most school is cancelled so my girl and I headed over for a visit for prayer (and fun for kids) this morning.
I was with two of my favorite friends on the planet AT THE SAME TIME and they also happen to be two sweet prayer warriors. Talk about a sweet way to get your foot up on Monday! 

Bad news: My computer is down, so I have limited access.
A great deterrent to checking Blog Stats! Blessing in disguise?
Oh that’s right, I never look at those. Lord have mercy! 
I’m learning!

Have a great week, peeps and hope you like the pictures from the weekend.

Friday night- it never stopped snowing! Yes, that is our Christmas Wreath still hanging. Why yes, I do know it’s February. We just have a LOT of Christmas Spirit and it refuses to be quelled. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves and my mom, who keeps asking us to take the
wreath down!
This guy showed up Pre-Blizzard. Is that a sign?
Pamela, I am asking you! He scared away all the other birds. 
A Blizzard provides great opportunity to make cards!
I stamped my way through Friday!
Welcome to Narnia!
Coffee is a priority. From my Hub’s perspective!
No power here or anywhere near on Saturday- NO PROBLEM!
Coffee and Hot Cocoa via  Mister Dad!
We are resourceful when we have to be…

Front of house. 
Blankets and Books…there are worse ways to spend a Saturday.

My mom watching the Electrical Crews work on the lines outside.
Grateful for the dozen workers and six trucks that worked from 2:30- 6:30
to restore our power. WE had it back by 8:30 Saturday night…or around there somewhere!

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Banjo loves the snow! However we are not happy with the Plow Guy. Grrrr….
Counting My Blessings:
389. Peace through this storm
390. Safety and His presence through it all.
391. Laughter 
392. A quick restoration of power.
393. Many who worked (are working) to provide power for all
394. Power, Peace and Presence supernaturally provided by an awesome God who supplies my needs and BLOWS ME AWAY daily with His faithfulness and surprises. 

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