Reign of the Black Wolf


Dark, growling, growing stronger
every day
He consumes her waking hours
devouring the scraps of goodness that still remain
tears into purity and hope
ripping flesh from bone
hungry for every morsel…
This dog will settle for nothing less than soul meat
Glaring from the corner 
he rests
never will he be satisfied
On guard every minute
in case a turn toward 
He waits
to pounce upon 
his opponent
teeth clench down
hard on truth-
drawing blood
life seeps out 
red moon,
victory howl
but his reign
is temporary
Though he mutilates her beauty
she will not remain his prize
for though deceived by his cunning, fierce appeal
she belongs to another
He will not share, 
nor slumber forever
He will return to rescue 
His precious child.
Gone will be the dark days then…
he will be no more.
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