What If? {5 Minute Friday: Again}


Here I go again– 5 minutes@ 10:00  on my mark, set, go…

Again and again I ask myself…what if? Those two words that bring forth possibility or possibly condemnation. What if, I say yes and it’s the wrong thing? What if I can’t? What if I do and fail?
What if it’s not His will and I make a mess of everything?

What if? 

What if I say no and it’s the wrong thing? What if I can? What if I don’t and regret it? What if it is His will and He has been trying to get through to me but I am afraid to trust Him? What if I try and it all turns out OK? What if I trust Him and He shows himself faithful? As He always does? What if I make a mess of everything? Will He not pick up after me, patiently again, align all things together for good, because He loves me. What if I never get anything right ever, and all is nothing but grace anyway? Will he still not be faithful? 

And that’s all she wrote @ 10:05…

Thank you Lord, that you are faithful…

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