How Do I Capture Today?


How do I capture today
without letting it slip away?
Sand in a bottle,
a photograph, clipping of hair,
a hearty laugh…
How do I  capture today?
Though I try, I can’t make it stay
a newspaper clip,
magazine slip
In the background I hear the tick
and tock
of the clock
How do I capture today?
Let worry not steal it away-
I hope, I think, I pray…
Yet in the end
time’s not my friend
How can I capture today?
I’d like to hold up my hand
Stop time in its tracks- on demand
hang on to a moment in time
one of my own design
Sadly, my friend
on me
time does not depend
 I wish I could comprehend
how do I capture today,
when in the end
my dear friend, 
it only slips away.
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