Awaiting His Voice

Original Art Work by C. Michael Dudash

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In the morning, O LORD, 
you hear my voice; 
in the morning 
I lay my requests
 before you 
wait in expectation.
Psalm 5:3

So many verses speak to waiting on God. 
Waiting and being still enough within and without 
to hear that still, small voice.
He is faithful.
Wait with expectation.
Surely you will hear Him.
Have a blessed Sunday!

Who I Am- A Bio {This Is What It’s Like To Talk To Me For Real}

It’s totally true!

This was an original first attempt at my Bio.
We toned it down for my new gig over at 5 Minutes For Faith.
You will see what I mean if you clink the link! 
What do you think? 
I am:
 married to my BFF of 20 years, 
a wanna be domestic diva, 
completely submissive wife (lie)
dedicated mom (truth), 
an absolutely reluctant homemaker,  
hawk-eyed Personal Trainer, 
and one very enthusiastically 
 inspired Group Fitness Instructor most days…
A believer, 
follower and lover 
of the One True Living God 
(who walks in His grace by Faith) 
my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in whom all things 
(for, by and through) 
and ALL people were created.
 I am a slow reader but a true bookaholic!
 I love rocks, stones and all of nature (God’s Creation). 
I am a journal keeper. 
I love to teach, share, create, write and 
especially love working with children (we understand each other) 
and older folks (they are rich with wisdom and patient with me). 
I am blessed with the gift of ADHD (sometimes it shows) 
and God loves me, just as I am. 
(I know He loves you too and He told me to tell you in case you forgot or do not know it already)
 I value authenticity and I respect and value others. 
I am not afraid to speak the truth. 
I also am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and I am not afraid to let others be who they are (God accepts you as you are, so why shouldn’t I?).
 I live out loud but really love a piece of quiet most days.
Sometimes I’m silly but in all seriousness 
I’m learning to walk with the Savior
 while sharing the journey. 
Join me?

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