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There is this one memory I have, I always come back to it. It’s more than a memory, even a thing- that brings it to my mind. One Teddy Bear in time brings me back to everything good, pure and innocent. I don’t know why or how this one gift somehow encapsulates all the magic and love of Christmas, but it does. I long to stay in this place. I am waiting for my grandparents to pick me up, they come and take me for the greasiest, most delicious fried chicken I ever remember eating. I see the flaky crust and taste the saltiness still…mmmm. I am looking at them doting over me. This long awaited Christmas visit among so many complications. Divorce splits families into twos, threes and fours. Painful to all yet sometimes through the eyes of innocence clinging to hope…there is a glimmer. More people to love and be loved by, more hope in love. We arrive and I see the box. One box wrapped perfectly. I open it quick. Hope stirring. In tissue paper, pristine, perfect and hopeful a soft white, bear with black, shiny eyes stares back at me. White, jointed and red bowed. I am enchanted with the sight of it. Still see it in my dreams. Hope in a white Christmas bear.

You just never know what will come out of you until you start writing!
 I never know where this 5 minutes will lead- it often surprises me- 
come on by and try or see what Lisa-Jo is serving up over at her place!

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