The Wonder of It All (5 Minute Friday)

Photo Credit This great mystery I’m living holds my rapt attention for sure.  Moments.  The wonder of the moment.  Present.  Connected with every other moment in time. That I still walk out my door and look up at the sky and am amazed. I see the moon and stars, and crick my neck in theContinue reading “The Wonder of It All (5 Minute Friday)”

Announcing The 12 Days of Blog Posts (Weekends and Wednesdays in December)

Photo by Keith Williamson via photopin cc On the first day of Blog Posts, blogger gave to me…OK well, so much for my singing at the start of this entry! But you get the point, right? I am feeling festive and in the spirit of the season just thought I would end the year in a special fun way.Continue reading “Announcing The 12 Days of Blog Posts (Weekends and Wednesdays in December)”

What’s On My Nightstand {November}

I have not joined here at What’s on My Nightstand since August  so I will just link what I finished since that time. Meanwhile the books keep coming and I am still plugging along at my snail pace.  What I finished: When To Speak and When to Shut Up by Dr. Michael D. Sedler  Everything by MaryContinue reading “What’s On My Nightstand {November}”