I Might Weep

…weeping may remain for a night,
    but rejoicing comes in the morning.
Psalm 30:5

I sit and wait
away the hours
daring to breathe
and feel
remembering who I was
who I am
who I dare not be
my eyes do mist
 the girl I kissed
is she there?
is she there?
and I know I swear
curse the name
with fear
 cling to the dreams gone by
all gone
sick inside
at the love that’s died
has it died?
is it there?
Is it there?
Where do dreams go when they shrivel small,
turn to memories
of lies?
If I take too long 
writing words for song
like the songs we sang
in the days long gone-
I know I might weep,
cause the dream can’t keep
when the darkness steals
what love alone
can’t heal
and the lies creep into the bones.
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I want to leave the comments off 
friends but thank you if you came by to read my words.
Sometimes just releasing our words is enough.
I appreciate you all, just keeping it quiet for this round. 
May God bless you and make His face shine upon you…

A Heart Like His {31 Days of Faith Life Preservers- Day 16}


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My husband likes to say that people tell me their whole life story. That may not be completely true but it is true that if you take the time to carefully listen, people will more likely reveal themselves. You just might get a glimpse of who a person is, as opposed to who they feel they need to be. See, one of the benefits of knowing Jesus is that if we allow Him to rule us, transform us and conform us we will have a heart like His, and when we do, people become aware of His presence, friends. They will feel free to be who they are without pretense. When others sense the One True Living God through His Holy Spirit, there can be a sense of reality and hope together. There comes an incomprehensible sense of grace that is not so easily articulated. 
We want to be around people who are grace-filled, don’t we?
God gave me a lesson many years ago about who was to be in charge of who had access to me. 
I worked in one particular gym facility, and I was a fairly new Believer. 
There were certain people I never spoke to or with,
 but they knew who I was and I was to soon learn they had opinions about me.
God was about to teach me an important lesson about the difference 
between a mediocre Christian life and a Miracle-filled one. 
It came in one of many conversations. 
One of the lessons God wanted to teach me and He made it clear early on, 
was that anytime, anywhere I needed to be willing and available to serve Him. 
At a moments notice.
When I was or was not planning it, as His Spirit led. 
Boundaries come hard for me. But God still reminded me that He is trustworthy. 
He continues to teach me to tune into Him and to listen with His heart.
I remember when I began to let God lead me to the anyone, anytime, anywhere concept. 
I was talking training methods to a gym member, and he looked me in the eye and said (dead serious),
“I found out today you are human (!). I have always seen you as someone on a pedestal!
 You are so distant and come in and out of the gym, always so busy.”
I was ashamed. 
Even as a new Christian I could see that I had been proud and vain. 
I wanted to choose who I spoke with and didn’t as well as who I shared truth with and who I didn’t.
God corrected me and showed me that to walk with Him meant letting go
of all of my preconceived ideas of  who, when and where 
I should speak.
 I am a planner, as many of you know from reading my posts. 
I have had a few head to heads and hard lessons learning this aspect of my walk. 
But God wants to use us where we are, so I availed myself because I understood this was His will.
 Of course I did tell Him my objections, which usually got me back to the “Because I’m God” clarification.
I learned His ways are not my ways and my ways usually require as little inconvenience as possible.
But when we walk with Him, it becomes great joy to be inconvenienced 
for the furtherance of His Kingdom,
and the building up of His Body this side of Heaven.
That is the point. 
It is not always easy to listen.
To hear with your heart, mind and ears is hard.
To listen and take the time to really hear what another 
person has to say takes time and effort.
It costs.
Time, attention and convenience, often.
Consider the fact that at the drop of a hat you have a Savior willing to
 listen to your every heartache, complaint, emotion.
It cost Him to be that available to you, dear one.
How then should we respond to a hurting world?
A distraught stranger?
A discouraged friend? 
A disgruntled family member? 
Availing myself to His Heart has allowed me to see miracles, friend.
Having a heart like His is a Faith Life Preserver 
and precursor to seeing His Kingdom.

31 Days of Faith Life Preservers 
October 1-31, 2012
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