Social Media Is What You Make It {Faith Life Preservers- Day 14}

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I wanted to hit on this subject during the 31 days of Faith Preservers and since Ramona over at Create With Joy posed the question, I figured it was a divine calling to do it sooner rather than later. 
Like anything else, social media is somewhat a refection of who you are. If you want it to be. 
I know many won’t like this comment but I do not fear Social Media for a number of reasons. 
I think that perspective is key when drawing conclusions, but often I find that people…especially Christians are guilty of broad brushing things they do not like (or feel threatened by?) with a negative brushstroke without logical reason. Or worse with partial truth and/or out of context facts. 
Is it ironic that a group of “evangelists” will knock on a stranger’s door and share the gospel, then judge a Social Media user for sharing his faith, or encouraging another believer through means of the internet?
No double standard there?
Christians today have some serious blind spots when it comes to 
certain groups of people.
The Great Commission is talked about but rarely lived out.
The reality is God is Sovereign.
He wants to meet people in time wherever they are.
To the ends of the earth.
Even if or when reaching the ends of the earth means utilizing the internet.
Radio and Television ushered in new ways to connect, communicate and reach out.
Every coin has two sides.
Of course anything can be used for good OR evil. 
But that is exactly why we are to be salt and light wherever God leads us.
It saddens me to hear the negative arguments I hear against using 
Social Media by so many Christians.
We are to be discerning. 
Practicing discernment suggests practical application, not hiding our head under a rock.
Or judging others who feel called and or gifted specifically to share Christ in this way. 
God is not bound in the way He reveals His truth.
Look at the way Jesus himself, continuously had to remind the disciples
to stop putting Him and God in a box of their own making.
Instead of judging what one does not understand we should explore, 
or ask those who are following Jesus to places He wants Himself known, 
that we do not understand or know about.
Here is the fact.
I am a missionary.
I share the truth of Jesus Christ on my Blog and on 
Facebook as well as the other Social Media I use.
I write to encourage, edify and sometimes challenge my fellow
 brothers and sisters in the Lord.
I write to minister grace and truth to those who are looking for hope
 and answers to hard questions.
Because Jesus loved me and died for me.
He did not hold back because I was opposed to Him.
He did not say gee, she is ______________;
I don’t bother with that kind.
He met me where I was- guess how?
 Through someone who knew the truth and met me where I was. 
A person who was like me, 
that could relate to me, speak into my life,
where I was at that season of my life.
He turned my life around.
I’m not afraid to share it.
Or shine for Him as He leads. 
From this computer screen to yours.
When I am out and about in my life.
Here and there and everywhere.
Because we are all called to be missionaries in varying
degrees to various people.
If I died tomorrow I would know I lived my life fulfilling my calling.
God uses people.
All kinds.
He can use an ass to speak if He chooses.
Ironically, I think I just called myself an ass, but hey, I’m OK with that!
I challenge you to examine your preconceived ideas about how God 
lives and moves and has His being.
Because we live and move and have our being in Him.
I may not pack up and travel around the world to share His truth. 
But just because it does not look the way some think it should
doesn’t mean it is not what it is.

God wants to shine through you where you are, too.

How you use Social Media is a reflection and extension of who you are.
If you use it. Even a little.
It’s not a be all and an end all.
But it is something that God uses to further His will on earth.
I want to tell you another thing. I am blessed to have been rooted and established by 
God into His universal body of Spirit – Filled Believers called the church. 
I love seeing and keeping in touch with many of my Christian Brothers and Sisters through Facebook and know I can have access to immediate prayers from friends who know and love me! 
It’s what YOU make it, friends. 
How do you live out the Great Commission?

What do you make of Social Media?
Yes, it has been a Faith Life Preserver to me. 
Thank you God that you can use a donkey, the internet and me.
You are Sovereign.

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October 1-31, 2012
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