Angry At God {RJD October 2012}

Tweet Many of my regular readers know about my faith journey, but for those who may be new, this journal share is from a period of time when I had wandered back into the world as a new believer not grounded in the Word. Born Again, yes. Salvation secured, yes. But the war for my walkContinue reading “Angry At God {RJD October 2012}”

The Ultimate Superhero {Faith Life Preservers- Day 5}

Credit True confessions.  Sometimes I have gotten into big trouble whenI have taken on too much and said yes, to one too many other things.  I wake up and realize I ‘m not Wonder Woman after all and  I never did play her on TV, either.  Occasionally I am her, in my dreams though.  Anyhoo… My journey of faithContinue reading “The Ultimate Superhero {Faith Life Preservers- Day 5}”

Random Journal Day Link-Up: October 2012

Credit Welcome to Random Journal Day Happy October! I hope that you are enjoying the Fall season. It is one of my favorites for sure. I am torn between Winter and Fall for favorite Seasons! Since Orange IS my favorite color,  I really appreciate the foliage and decor that dominates this beautiful time of year.Continue reading “Random Journal Day Link-Up: October 2012”