Journal Keeping {Faith Life Preservers-Day 4}

If the truth be known, and it is, if there is one activity in my life 
that has sustained me and been sustained by me longer than journal writing
 it’s only breathing
Do you keep a journal? 

I have been keeping a journal since I picked up a pen. 
It borders on OCD, this need to chronicle at times. 
I write. A lot. 
Majority of it is done in my journal. 
Not all of it, of course- but I am saving my other writer’s hats for another post! 
Fact is I write poetry on the fly, random thoughts, prayers, ideas, scripture, quotes
and anything else that prompts that pen and paper to connect. 
I rarely if ever travel without my latest protege. 
I don’t worry about being neat. Sometimes my writing is barely legible.
But my words must be unleashed.
Poured out on paper.

When I trained for Bodybuilding and Powerlifting competition
 I wrote everything I ate, drank and each workout methodically for 7 years.
That was in addition to my true journal writing which
 detailed more of my inner-life or actually back then, relationships, struggles, thoughts, conflicts.
Lots of conflicts, actually.

My journal is a place that bears witness to the inner workings of my life.
It reflects growth, change and reality. Or at least my perception of reality in time.
These days it reveals my relationship with God.
My journal over the years records both my before Christ and after.
Ultimately my journal clearly records the transforming
power and grace of Jesus Christ
in one girl’s life.

He gives beauty for ashes…

My habit of journal keeping has kept me afloat through many storms.
It continues to bring me joy and keeps me connected to my feelings, thoughts
and  best of all, God’s heart.
One other thing: My years of journal writing makes Blogging a piece of cake!
Delightfully delicious!

Journal Keeping is most assuredly a true Faith Life Preserver!

If you keep a journal of any kind, I would like to invite you join us for
 Random Journal Day! It just happens to be this weekend.
The link will be open until mid-month so you have time to dig out a journal entry to share!
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