Deal Gently With Me, Monday

Happy Monday, Friends!
Welcome to my randoms from the past week:

Clouds: September 16, 2012 @ Narragansett Beach

The heavens declare the glory of God;
    the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
 Day after day they pour forth speech;
    night after night they reveal knowledge.
They have no speech, they use no words;
    no sound is heard from them.
Yet their voice goes out into all the earth,
    their words to the ends of the world.
Psalm 19:1-4
It has been quite a week, my friends. Indeed.
Last Sunday was the End of Summer Festival – a kind of goodbye to Summer event here in Narragansett, RI, where the locals celebrate on the beach with food, fun, kite-flying, surfing, just about anything, as an excellent local band called Brass Attack plays in the background. It is the end of the Tourist Season here and things quiet down and I get to take back my beloved beach. Not that I am selfish but hey… I really am. When it comes to the beach. Or my Eggo. 
Sorry. Couldn’t resist. 
Leggo my Eggo.
OK, so the week started off with my daughter handing me a three page outline of why her private Christian school was no longer a right fit for her and then she formerly presented her case for why she should be home-schooled.  Sleeping later was in the equation but not the only factor. I am pretty convinced IF this child will yield her will in the right direction, she will be a great Lawyer. 
If not she will be a Politician. 
Negotiations are in process. 
Did I mention I gave birth to the strongest willed child in the world? 
Lord, have mercy.
My big creation this weekend to get on track!
I scrapped my own cover of Jenny Penton’s
Perfect Planner.

I am a “Planner” girl and want to share my planning strategies and struggleshere in an upcoming post. 
I have a number of Binders to keep me on track for various activities I am involved in. 
I am working with two Planners now (I know this seems wrong BUT hang on) as I LOVE Jenny’s tips, support, blog and her philosophy on planning (Perfect Planner). I also am using a planner I take with me everywhere called The Detailer which I am late to review but want to share a special post in a bit so I can share a fair evaluation. I was given The Detailer by the lovely creator Gail who also offers coaching and support for her planning tool! 
I am hoping to use use my Perfect Planner homemade Binder more for “scripting” (as Jenny says) out my goals and areas I am working on developing. More as a Goals binder, if you will.  I keep it at home. I purchased Jenny’s e-book a while back and Jenny was featured as my first guest for the Inspiring Women Series. 
The Detailer has a weekly format and is great for me to have in my purse, as I go about the day
and make appointments etc. It also has an excellent system for managing contacts and information.
One of the things I am trying to manage is my writing and blogging time …
It is so challenging, yes?

I was very happy to make it to my Writer’s Group “Write Connections”,
which is hosted by my sweet librarian friend Miss Peggy. 
She is a wonderful writer and I am looking forward to real life accountability
with our eclectic group! 
There is strength in numbers my friends, even for solo writers.  
Meeting my BFF for a quick coffee Saturday on the way to Writer’s Group was the sweetest 20 minutes.
She presented me with the BESTEST, most thoughtfully sweet gifts ever 
(Late b-day gifts- cause that happens with busy friends). 
She knows me so well.
Yet, I feel so blessed that I can call her friend. 
Bonus is she really knows what I like.
Notice the ORANGE journal- “It’s orange!”, she shouted gleefully,
 as I pawed through my goody bag! 
The book is called Poemcrazy. 
She said she had to get it because it made her think of me.
 Especially the crazy picture of the jumping chick on the front. 
She said “I could see you doing that and having your picture taken doing it!”
Add sweetness bonus:  the Maine pure Maple syrup.
Bookmark says: “Best friends listen to what you don’t say.”
She is really good at listening to what is said and unsaid. 
I just loved these unexpected gifts! 
Even more, the friend who gave them.
Our dog Banjo won a spot in the
He really is a Calendar Boy now!
Last but not least:
 the WINNER of 
The One Year Mother Daughter Devo 
by Dannah Gresh is:

316. Knowing that even though I “lead” my group of Moms In Prayer,
they would carry me this week, lift me and my girl up and just love,
cry and pray shoulder to shoulder with me through it.
317. The promise of His presence in the midst of ALL circumstances.
318. The sweet surprises I enjoyed all week. God surprises.
319. Grace for this current journey.
320. The lessons I get to learn anew with my Sunday School kids.
321. Remembering perspective is crucial. Problems are opportunities,
in the hands of God to reveal His faithfulness.
322. A sweet, spontaneous lunch date with my Hub.
323. My Girl’s laughter.

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How Do You Make A Life?

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How do you make a life?
Just add water, husband, wife?
Mix it up,
with a dash
whip up some love,
add some cash?
How do you make a life?
A family that goes the miles,
 one can’t live on love-
or foster phony smiles.
How do you make a life?
One that rings true and shines
A life and a legacy 
that hints at the divine.
How do you make a life?
Trudging down the roads,
looking for a way out of-
to love,
and have and hold.
How do you make a life?
When the trials come and go-
when the sun comes up again
as the tides ebb and flow.
How do you make a life?
A posed picture in time,
smiling for the camera-
is this your holy shrine?
How do you make a life?
One man and one woman.
Don’t knock me for saying
the truth I believe in.
How do you make a life?
A history of days,
of living and loving –
and singing His praise.
How do you make a life?
By standing and sleeping and 
sharing the load-
by walking hand in hand down 
the long and winding road.
Just like that.
By keeping the promise, the promise you told,
By standing firm in this:
“To have and to hold.”
By recognizing that dreams are for those who sleep
and life is lived by those who keep…
the words they pledge-
though they weep,
they hold fast to truth,
 words sowed and reaped.
In the end they know they have promises to keep.
In the end they know-
they have
promises to keep.
Don’t sleep.

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