A Sudden Glory by Sharon Jaynes {Book Review}

So I reluctantly chose A Sudden Glory- God’s Lavish Response to Your Ache for Something More  as a book to read for review. Why was I reluctant? After all Sharan Jaynes is an international speaker and author of 17 books. She served as vice president and radio co-host of Proverbs 31 Ministries for ten years…stop right there. I just thought to myself, without realizing it, another Christian Woman book. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Blah. But still, something in the description compelled me to choose it despite the fact I expected less than anything grand.  As you can see I am getting cynical now that I am a bonafide book reviewer! Ha!
Well I was wrong, it is a truly grand book! This book is filled with life changing truth and seasoned with extraordinary levels of grace expressed in a way that I found to be easy to move through yet profoundly beautiful and uplifting.
So let me tell you about the greatest book I have read this year and why you need to read it too. 
Are you ready?
One verse of scripture should tell you :
In Him we live, and move and have our being.
Acts 17:28
Sharon bases her whole work on this premise. 
On this prerequisite for life in Christ. 
That this living and moving and having our being can be attained, 
is in fact being attained. Moment by moment. 
Glory to glory.
We can choose every moment and
 can see holy ground everywhere…
 or nowhere.
Momentary glimpses of God when He makes himself known to 
each one of us uniquely, is what Sharon refers to as moments of sudden glory.
She says it like this, “I call those moments when God makes Himself 
known to you personally a sudden glory – 
an intimate moment with your Creator, the Lover of your soul,  a glimpse of heaven.”
Sharon begs us the question to ask God what He wants
  for us instead of what He wants from us. 
She begins with God’s glory in Chapter One and continues the upward journey throughout the entire book coaching us on to greater depth than we have dared to consider before. 
Here is a journey through chapter topics and titles:
 His pursuit of us;
learning to live in sacred union;
 joining him in continual conversation; 
daring to raise our expectations; 
saying yes to his invitation to dance;
 trusting him in difficult times; 
seeing Him through a lens of gratitude and grace;  
choosing intimate relationship over routine religion.
Each chapter takes us closer to the beautiful reality and potential we all long for.
Intimacy with the One True Living God.
She reminds us that all things are possible when the sacred and the secular
merge together in a divine and miraculous sudden glory, in the daily ordinary moments called life. 
I received this book (see Blogging For Books)
for the purpose of review.
 The opinions I express are my own. 

911: A Perspective In Time-Re-Post {RJD September 2012}

It was a week after the tragedies of 911 before I could
attempt to express myself in a journal entry.
Like most Americans, I felt it was too big to put into words…

Hello my Friends, I hope you will understand  I am finding myself 
busy adjusting to this new Fall schedule
and I am  feeling a bit overwhelmed ! 
I have hit the ground running, and found I need to do some serious 
“recalculating” as to what is realistic for me with fitting in what God wants at this time and perhaps scraping off the plate any excess not on His menu for me.  

Some of you may have seen this post prior to now but I thought it would be appropriate to link up this Journal for our Random Journal Day this month. 

I posted this before we had Random Journal Day- so perhaps you missed it the first time around. Without further adieu – nothing like being late to your own party, right? 
I pray you are blessed as you glimpse into my journal, 
my heart, as I try to grasp the events of 911. The year they happened. 


I journal pretty much every day. Occasionally I may be too busy or just need some time to digest life as it is fed to me, before I can safely articulate my thoughts and feelings. Such was the case, in the events of September 11, 2001. On this 10 year anniversary of the events of that day, I dredged out my journal to see how I actually expressed what I remember so well. Except, as I looked for the entry I realized that it took me a full week before I was feeling I could write. Writing is such a connecting point for me. It’s like breathing. My breath had been taken away and it was beyond a measurable expression for me to comprehend, let alone, write. It touched me too deeply as it did us all. I remember it was also the week my daughter was to be Dedicated at our church. The date of that event as 9/16/2001, five days after 9/11. How vulnerable I felt. How vulnerable we all felt. I felt connected to my fellow Americans and unsure of the future as I stood before the congregation and with my precious child.
I decided to share my unedited journal entry in remembrance of the day that took my breath away.
Our breath away. If you are reading this please know this is my heart, unedited. Handle with care. I usually write for an audience of One, who knows me, my rambly mind, and all. So keep that in mind!
September 19, 2001
Thank you Lord for today. It has been hard for me to write lately…Lord you know my inmost parts, my inner-most being. I almost don’t have words in light of the recent tragedies on our country. Where are we now…I haven’t been able to write in my devotional book for Katherine because I kept wondering, how do I write about this? But I must…and then I realized that I can teach her about the depravity of man and the sovereignty of God. Yet these are not small concepts. There is so much going through my mind…I think I am sick processing what it all means to me. I just can’t imagine the horror of what many have and are going through (in New York) and I confess it all seems unreal to me. Almost surreal. Our country, having been attacked by terrorists flying planes into buildings in New York and Washington by “Suicide Bombers”. But I know God is in control. Yet I understand so little.
And I must focus on the details of life…and I have – yet everyone in the country is changed by these events…People are really freaked out – But my God, I do trust in You. What I have seen happen in this country is amazing, powerful. There is a revival in Patriotism. Flags are everywhere. I remember as a school child we recited “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America”… I can barely remember it now – and do schools even do that anymore? I pray and hope they do and will. God You are doing something amazing – I don’t know what – but, Lord, thank you for America, my president, his wife. Thank you for freedom and liberty. Forgive me Lord because I have taken so much for granted. I have grumbled and complained when I should have been grateful and prayerful. Thank you for your mercy.
May God Bless America,  Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
In memory of those who gave their lives, lost their lives, and those
who continue to suffer due to the sacrificial giving and dedication they
shared in service and to each and every one of their loved ones.
I remember.

Re-post from September 11, 2011

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